Here are some basic facts that if applied properly, will help you change your body sooner rather than later…

In an ideal world, your calories and carbs need to stay, or at least START, as high as possible.

I write this as a statement of scientific fact, but also from tried and tested personal experience.

If you drop your calories and carbs too drastically right off the bat, you are in for a very bumpy ride indeed. Yes, a drastic and immediate cut will get you some results sharpish, but some will soon become none. Your body doesn’t want to lose all it’s fat stores, it’s simply not meant to, and eventually it will fight you tooth and nail for every last lump.

Your body will soon adapt to your new diet, and it will get harder and harder for you to further your results without further cutting your calories and carbs.  If you have already started low, this is NOT going to be fun. Your training will suffer, your thinking will suffer, your moods will suffer, and before you know it, your workouts will be less than half assed and catabolism (the muscle eating state) will begin.

Needless to say that if you start so low you have nowhere to go, you have already f*cked yourself.

What you want to do is start as high as you can. High calories, high carbs and moderate cardio. Go for a week or 2, then check in on your results. If you’re losing weight or fat or inches, no matter how small or slow the progress is, KEEP GOING.

If you are stagnant or even gaining a little, don’t panic, you now have a choice:

  1. Cut calories by -100
  2. Cut carbs by 5%
  3. Increase cardio by a few minutes


This process may be slow, but it is foolproof, it is healthy, it is measured, it is sustainable, and my god will you learn A LOT about your body along the way.

If, like me, you are coming late to the party with already low counts, come join my table and start reverse dieting.

Each week I add +100 calories to my count.

I’m aiming to get my macros back up to 50%p, 30%c, 20%f again (this is a split that I know from past experience works well for me), changing a little here and there weekly.

My cardio is losing minutes slowly but surely.

By doing this, I’m hoping to minimise fat gain and get my body back into a place where it can perform at it’s best and utilise food like it used to.

Before you embark upon any new goal, you first need to map out your path. Rest assured that things WILL throw you off en route, but if you already know the back roads and alternatives, you will get there eventually.

Personal Update

Today I am exactly 3 weeks into my new diet and training routine, and I am one VERY happy bunny indeed.

As I recently wrote, the last 2 years became a proverbial ping pong match between my body and I; get in shape, go on holiday, gain weight, be told I have a fitness shoot in 4 weeks, get in shape, go on holiday, gain weight, be told I have a fitness shoot in 4 weeks – and around and around I went until, unsurprisingly, I was perpetually on edge and stressed out with my body.

This game of cat and mouse sucked all the joy out of the things I love most in the world; friends, family, food, health, fitness, training, and the phenomenal workings of the human body.

3 weeks into my new plan I’m weighing in at 133lbs (about 5lbs up from my ‘lean’ weight), I’m happy with both my body and my life, I’m focused, I’m working hard and the stressful fog has FINALLY LIFTED.

I am currently training twice a day, 6 days a week, doing exactly what I WANT to do and not a minute more.

This includes 15-20 minutes of fasted HIIT every morning, and about 30-45 minutes of HEAVY weight lifting every evening. Both are designed to burn fat, rev up my metabolic rate, build muscle and provide quick and effective training.

*Please not that it you can’t train AM and PM, and/or you can’t train daily, do your HIIT post weights and aim for 4 days training a week. If you don’t know where to start with either, both my apps will teach you full HIIT and WEIGHTS routines, see the ads on the right side of this page.*

I still eat clean and healthy, count calories, track macros and monitor my daily food intake 6 days a week. I do this because whether I’m gaining, losing, or relaxing, my body is always my passion project and my profession, and if I don’t monitor it, I won’t learn as much or as quickly as I want to.

My calories and energy macros (fats and carbs) have been gradually increasing over the last 3 weeks (I’m taking this process very slowly so as NOT to pile on the fatty pounds), and every Sunday is a rest and cheat day with my best friend, JimBob.

On these days, sleeping late is sacred, not a calorie is counted, not a macro is tracked, and nobody moves from the sofa unless it’s to stoke the fire (no joke) or get more wine.

Train hard. Eat healthy. And remember that none of us will die happy because we have abs. If we die happy, it will be because we enjoyed life.

So enjoy life.

Fitness Fondue Supplement Range

I often have to tell people that supplements are not magic pills. They will not miraculously change your body – only diet and exercise will do that.

However, I personally DO take supplements, daily, because if you train and your diet is on point, they will absolutely contribute to your energy levels, recovery time and your aesthetic results.

Every supplement I sell on this site I myself take daily.

FAT BURNER AND PRE WORKOUT – FIRE – Fire is a pre workout / fat burner. The reason these 2 go hand in hand is because this specific product is high in caffeine and other ingredients that will fuel your training, increase your metabolic rate and push your body to burn more calories as you workout and throughout the day thereafter.

BCAA – REPLENISH – Replenish is a BCAA, a branch chain amino acid, aka a protein. This product should be taken pre or post training to feed your muscle and ensure you don’t go into a catabolic (muscle eating) state, ensuring you will burn into fat and glycogen stores and keep your muscle in tact. I take this before every workout.

PROTEIN POWDER – RECOVERY – Recovery is our portable protein powder, just add milk or water, shake and go. It’s extremely low in carbs, fats and calories, making it ideal if you’re trying to lean up. I drink this or cook with it daily in my pre or post workout meal. It’s a great snack as well and tastes like top quality chocolate milk, which for those of us who have cut sugar, is an absolute life saver. I suggest you buy the x12 bundle as because of the size of the bottle, the postage and packaging is quite high on this product, and you want to get more bang for your buck.

MULTIVITAMIN – HEALTH – Health is our multivitamin which was my newest addition to the mix. I was getting ill consistently and as soon as I started taking it, my immune system started to sort itself out, so I added it into the mix. I suggest you take one with lunch daily like I do.

Take a look at the Fitness Fondue store to read more


Recent Article – Fasted Incline Walking

We’ve all seen it, the ladies that lunch power walking up a steep suburban hill, designer sunglasses out in full force.

And while it’s fair enough for a twenty-something to scoff at a power walk, these women are actually onto something.

If you want to burn calories, shed fat, and boost your metabolic rate, a 30-40 minute incline walk before breakfast is just the ticket, and here’s why…

Exercise of any kind is going to boost your metabolism (your body’s ability to burn calories for energy), and contrary to popular belief, exercising before you eat is much more beneficial than exercising after.

Once your walk is done and you sit down to tuck into breakfast, your body is desperate to repair its depleted energy stores with calories and nutrients, and it will remain desperate for many hours post workout.

Incline walks are great because they are cardiovascular workouts (essential for heart health and not to mention serious calorie burners) and that steep old hill you usually avoid is going to provide you with another essential – resistance.

Resisted cardio is as good as it gets because you are using your muscles to power against gravity (anaerobic exercise), while stimulating both your heart and breathing rate to burn calories, fat, and increase your overall fitness (aerobic exercise).