Yesterday I realised that I was running out of supplements thick and fast, and at this point I really don’t think my training or sweet tooth can go very long without a thermogenic or chocolate protein shake…what has become of my old alcoholic self I will never know!

A few months ago we were having some real issues with our WooCommerce and people were having to wait a few days for supplements, plans, etc…We have put a lot of time and effort into fixing this and I’m thrilled to say we now run like clockwork on all counts! It took 24hours for me to receive this bundle of joy!

What I have here is:

FIRE – Pre Workout Fat Burner

I was ask by a very clever and curious girl yesterday about fat burners and here’s where I stand – there are a hell of a lot of options out there; CLA, LCarnitine, appetite suppressants, and many more.
CLA acted as as serious diarrhetic for me and from what I’ve heard, for the vast majority of us. L-Carnitine never did diddly squat for me, and who wants to take an appetite suppressant when we need to eat to survive, and huger is part of that equation?!

Pre workout fat burners I LOVE and here’s why- Thermogenics increase your heart rate during training, encouraging your body to burn more calories, and raising your metabolic rate to a serious degree.
They use caffeine and other ingredients to do this and are perfectly safe to take.
I get the best results on Thermogenics and I am more than happy to sell them.
HOWEVER, if you don’t train and or your diet isn’t on point, don’t bother, they are not for you.


I take these pre and sometimes during training to make sure I don’t go into a catabolic (muscle eating) state. These are especially good for cardio bunnies.

HEALTH – Multivitamin

I take these every morning after breakfast to keep my body sweet.

RECOVERY – Protein Powder

I swear by shakes post workout because I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth, I train a lot so I need a lot of protein, the macro count in this particular shake is a DREAM and because it’s quick and easy.

App now for Android

Hello Fondues!

When we launched the new fitness app a couple of weeks ago, we launched it solely for Apple users, because the market for android apps isn’t very substantial and frankly, we didn’t have much room to play with.

However, thanks to the success of the app on Apple and the constant requests to get it on android, we have now launched it on the Google Play store!

I am SO excited that our little Fondue family has already defied the big boys at the top – I cannot think of anything more fitting for us really – and I am super excited to get to share the app with even more of you!

THANK YOU for your support, requests and feedback as always!

Have a look on the Google play store if you’re an android user and get downloading.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this app – by the end of your first circuit you will feel it, and with the right diet you will watch it start to work quickly.

Also, make sure your phone IS NOT ON SILENT, or you won’t be able to hear a thing and you’ll think the app is pants.

Happy training!

Update, Reflection

Week 1 – 132.6lbs

Week 3 – 131lbs

Goal – 128lbs > maintain

I missed week 2 because quite frankly, I didn’t care to weigh in, I just wanted to get, and keep, the ball rolling.

So, 2 weeks of sticking to my diet (1500 calories daily, 50%p, 30%c, 20%f), training twice a day (cardio am, weights pm), and I’ve lost 1.6lbs.

This is obviously a very small and slow weight loss, which is exactly what I expected and is 100% intentional. Here’s why…

132lbs is now the weight my body sits at when I’ve gained and or had some time off…I cannot tell you what writing that feels like…I suppose achievement is the right word for it.

3 years ago, when I first started, my body sat at around about 150lbs.

About a year ago, I’d sit at 145lbs after a holiday or some time off.

A few months ago, I’d sit fluffy at 138lbs.

The first point I want to make here is this – GRADUALLY, over the course of 3 years, I have completely changed the composition and make up of my body, due to almost daily training and healthy eating, aka CONSISTENCY.

The next point I want to make is this – there is NO WAY I’m going to have a crash weight loss when I’m sitting at 132lbs and already somewhat in shape. Well actually, there is a way, but it is not a healthy way or a sustainable way and I have no interest in slashing calories, macros or upping cardio if I absolutely don’t have to. And I don’t have to. I will now intentionally lose slowly and consistently…so long as I stay on track with my diet and training regime.

So I’m now balls deep into week 3 and everything’s the same as it was week 1 – same cardio, same calories, same macros – because I’m not standing still and I’m not going backwards, I’m slowly moving forward and I’m happy.

I reckon by next week I’ll be down to 130lbs, and that’s all I’m focusing on right now. One week at a time, one goal at a time, until you look back at the ground you’ve covered in amazement. Trust me, it will happen.

15 Minute Fat Loss App

Ever since I started this site, I wanted to create a fitness app. Apps are easy, accessible and predominantly visual – aka exactly what you need when it comes to training advice!

However, after much research and many meetings, I quickly realised that I simply didn’t have the finances, time or audience to take such a big step.

The end of 2015 marked nearly 3 years of FitnessFondue. I’m thrilled that I’ve established such an amazing, loyal and trusting audience, and because of you lot, I’m finally able to add to the downloads and supplements I now sell on the site…


Initially, I wanted to do a fat burning, weight lifting and nutritional triple whammy, but again I was quickly told that this was not an appropriate starting point! It was simply too extensive, too expensive and too technologically heavy to begin with…

So, I looked back through my emails and sales and confirmed what, to be honest, I already knew – my audience seem to respond predominantly to my fat burning exercises, food posts and supplements.

So that’s exactly where we started…

This app is 4, 15 minute, fat burning, resistance training, HIIT circuits.

Each of the 4 circuits targets a different thing:

  • Upper Body
  • Core
  • Lower Body
  • Intense Cardio

All you need is to do 1 of the circuits, once a day, 4-6 days a week, to see results – SO LONG AS YOUR DIET IS ON POINT!

You can do these circuits as your fasted cardio before breakfast, on your lunch break at work, when you get home before bed, or after your weight training session at the gym as a last minute HIIT fat burning blast.

The app is only available on Apple right now, but it has already done so well that we are in the process of converting it for android also.

Thanks to your INCREDIBLE support, it has also done well enough that we have already booked in filming for weight lifting!

Much like the 4 things we already cover in the fat loss circuits, we will do the same with weight lifting. We will look at training each and every part of the body, each and every machine at the gym, each and every type of weight and what sets and reps you need to be doing depending on your goals.

If the app continues to do well, we will then look at nutrition.

This is phase 1 of what I am hoping will be an extremely substantial fitness app that you guys can go to for anything and everything training and nutrition.



Problem Areas

In my three years experience as a Personal Trainer, I can safely say that women always seem to suffer one of two problem areas; the ‘muffin top belly’ or the ‘saddle bag bum’.

Let me be clear here; these are not phrases I (or any PT worth their salt) would ever use, but these are absolutely the words I find written on my questionnaires time and time again.


For me personally, I really struggle with my midsection. It’s the first place I gain weight and the last place I lose it.

I’ve always had an athletic frame, both my brother and I inherited it from our dad. All three of us are tall, with broad shoulders, muscular legs and a fast metabolism. But just like my dad, I carry the bulk of my fat (literally) on my stomach.


Before I tell you how I blast my belly fat and find my abs, I want to be very clear on a few points:

  1. Women are MEANT to have adipose tissue (fat). While men have the fat burning, muscle building hormone Testosterone, we have the fat storing hormone, oestrogen. Our bodies are quite literally designed to be curvier and softer, so please don’t be too hard on yourself if you have a stubborn area that you just can’t shift. It’s very natural and unless you are genetically gifted (think VS models for example), we ALL have to deal with it.
  2. It is IMPOSSIBLE to target certain fat stores, so please get the idea that you can blast belly fat fast or diminish bingo wings in one fell swoop out of your head FOR GOOD. It is a marketing tool and it does not work like that AT ALL. Fat is fat is fat, we lose it evenly all over our bodies, and your stubborn areas will be the last to go.
  3. If your stubborn areas are the last to go, that explains why the vast majority of people never get rid of them; because the majority give up prematurely. I see results all over my body after two weeks of solid training and dieting, but my stomach? I’m lucky if I see it change by week five. YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING.
  4. Remember that your stubborn areas are stubborn by nature, that means you are really going to have to go the extra mile if you want to change them.


So, with that in mind, here is how you can blast your belly fat, well all your fat for that matter:


  • Diet – When I say the word diet, I do not mean go on a diet. I simply mean your daily food intake. You HAVE to clean it up if you want to shed fat. I’m talking one ingredient foods like chicken, fish, green veg, brown rice, sweet potato, oats, nuts etc. Clean, simple, singular foods. Your meals need to be predominantly protein, secondary carbs (vegetables ARE a carb, have starchier carbs pre and post workout only if fat loss is your goal), and lastly fats (an egg, a handful of nuts or half an avocado for example). You need to keep your portions on the smaller side to ensure your calories aren’t off the charts. If you want, start tracking your food on the app MyFitnessPal. However, it is a bit of a schlep and a definite learning curve that you have to get used to initially. If you can’t be bothered to count calories that’s fine, just make sure your food is clean and your portions are small. Simple.


  • Cardio – Yes, you DO need to be doing cardio to shed fat but no, you DON’T need to be going for hour long runs pounding pavement or hitting the treadmill every day. You can get away with 20 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) 4 days a week in my opinion. So sprint for one minute, rest for one minute, over and over for 20 minutes total.


  • Resistance Training – This can come in the form of weight lifting, kettle bells, body strength circuits etc. As long as you are tearing and growing muscle, you are burning calories and increasing your metabolism, both of which are essential for fat burning.


Your body isn’t going to change if you are wishy washy here, you HAVE to push yourself and you HAVE to stick to it, or you simply wont get the results you want.

Remember that the girls you see with perfect abs on Instagram are either fitness models or in contest prep, and they do the above for months on end before they see a sliver of an ab. Be strong, be patient, work hard and you WILL get there

New Column

Hello Fondues,

After writing for OK! online and very much enjoying ranting on a more public scale, I have now decided to go even more public and start writing for the Mail Online.

So every Friday, if you can be assed, you can have another read of what I get all over excited about, and see some more half naked selfies of my bottom. Sorry about that.

For those who missed it, here’s last week’s column…


Professionals who work in health and fitness are always quick to dismiss the old cliché ‘New Year, New You’. They argue that part of the reason people struggle to get and stay healthy is because of ‘fads’ like these, but I happen to take a very different view…


When it comes to waist trainers and meal replacement shakes, I’m in full agreement that the fitness fad is a recipe for unrealistic expectations, unmaintainable efforts and eventual failure. But timelines that spark motivation? These I am all for.


The downfall is that ‘fresh starts’, ‘clean slates’ and ‘New Year’s resolutions’ tend to get ditched by the masses after few months, weeks or even days.

What started as a committed promise to oneself ends up being a burden, because change is not easy, and on top of that, change takes time.


It’s a funny thing having a goal. It requires constant projection. When the present gets tough, you have to battle through it by imagining a desired outcome that is weeks, potentially even months, ahead.

It requires mental strength and serious patience, but here’s the good news…


Studies have shown that it takes us humans around three weeks to force a new habit into existence. In other words, you only have to be strong for three weeks.

If you start working out a few days a week, if you start eating better, it DOES become easy and habitual eventually.


More good news…


Personal Trainers and fitness professionals are all in total agreement on this – if you stay 100% on point with a healthy diet and training, you will start to see results around the four week mark. In other words, you only have to be patient for four weeks.

It took me about three to see my body change, but the only reason it happened in the first place was because I was 100% consistent. Which brings me to my next point…


You must remember the reason that so many people fail to change their body is because they give up or half ass it.

Your body is not going to change if you keep having the weekends off your diet.

It won’t change if you skip workouts.

It won’t change if you have a chocolate bar here or a bottle of wine there.



Want some tricks?


If you have a sweet tooth, add some Agave Syrup to things like porridge in the morning, Greek yoghurt as a snack or hot drinks throughout the day.

You can also have a few squares of dark chocolate as a snack, a big old tablespoon of nut butter or a tub of sugar free jelly.

Replace flour with protein powders and make pancakes, waffles or mugcakes.

If you are a carb fiend, make courgetti – shredded courgette that has the same consistency as spaghetti and is just as filling thanks to the fibre.

Also try cauliflower or broccoli rice – again, the texture is the same as couscous or rice but it tastes better and again, is very filling because it’s high in fibre.

Remember that all your favourite meals can be made healthier, because the simple fact is, you can never go wrong with protein and veg.

Stir frys, hearty soups, stews, chilli and healthy roast dinners are just some of the dinners I make.

And lastly, consider investing in some Tupperware boxes and prepping your food. It’s not as much of a nightmare as it sounds, I promise. Simply cook quadruple what you need for lunch and or dinner on a day off and voila, you have the next few days sorted.


Be strong. Be patient. If you want it, you will do it.



I wrote on Monday about my goals and intentions over the next few weeks…

I intend to train 6 days a week, cardio and weights, and eat according to my new calorie and macro figures. I may play with them slightly every few weeks to progress my results, but with no shoots in the pipeline, I’m not going to go crazy trying to get in killer in shape. I’m going to enjoy it.

I want to do this consistently until May, when my best friend gets married abroad and I can let my hair down for a few days. For 2 and a half years I was in consistent shape, gradually getting better and better aesthetically, until summer 2015. From July-December I found that I was swinging from being in the best shape of my life, to being straight up out of shape, every few weeks. This was a result of preps and holidays, and consequently everything started to feel very forced, very rushed, and very unenjoyable.

So, as I wrote a couple of days ago, I am pretty excited about my new plan and was already en route to the best shape of my life…when I woke up yesterday morning with the world’s worst cold. I normally try and train through something little like a cold, just going a little easier, but not this time. I know I’m ill when my boyfriend has an incredibly rare day off and I can’t move my ass out of bed.

So there I lay, moaning about how my plan was ruined and everything was against me while I tried not to get snot in my Lemsip. People who frequent this site will know that I often say ‘food is not going anywhere’ to those who can’t even sniff a donut for a while in order to get serious results. My boyfriend was quite creative and after listening to me moan for a solid hour told me to switch it; to remember that getting in shape isn’t going anywhere. So I’ll have another week off the wagon, so I’ll start to see my body change a week later than originally planned. So what? I don’t have a deadline this time.

And he’s right. I’m pretty pissed off that I got derailed, but it might not be a bad thing. After all, it has shown me just how excited I am about my new goal, and there will be days when I’ll need to remember this feeling.

So, looks like January 11th will be my fresh start…


The FitnessFondue sale ends in 2 days so if you’ve been thinking of purchasing any products, make sure you do so before Friday!