Calories; what exactly are they, why do they affect our bodies and hormones, and how can you manipulate them while maintaining optimum health?


Here is everything you need to know…


The first thing you need to understand about calories is that they are units of energy, NOT units of fat or weight.

Your body needs enough calories daily to survive at base level, to function physically, and to keep your health and hormones up to scratch.


Every single person has their own personal Basal Metabolic Rate – your BMR is the rate at which your own body burns calories.

Your BMR depends on your own weight, height, age and activity level.

You can calculate your own BMR using the Harris Benedict Equation.


Once you have calculated your BMR, you know exactly how many calories a day you should be consuming for optimum health and aesthetic maintenance.

My personal BMR is around 2100calories a day.


If you are trying to gain weight, add say 100calories to your BMR and monitor your progress.

I do this when I’m not trying to get lean for a holiday or photo-shoot, because I personally try to pack on as much muscle as possible in my down time.

I’ve actually never had to go higher than 2200calories a day in order to see results, although those who struggle to gain will have to progressively add calories over the course of a few weeks / months in order to do so.


If you are trying to lose weight, cut 100calories from your BMR and monitor your progress.

I do this when I am trying to get in the best aesthetic shape possible in the weeks before a shoot.

I’ll usually start at my BMR rate, and cut 100calories a week over the course of a few weeks.

I’ve never had to drop lower than about 1300calories a day, but again I know girls who drop down to about 1100calories daily in the weeks before competition and are absolutely able to train hard and keep their hormones in check.


Whether you decide to add calories to gain or drop calories to lose, after a few weeks / months you are going to want to consider reverse dieting.

Reverse dieting means either gradually bringing your calories back UP to your BMR, or back DOWN to your BMR.

You need to do this because your BMR is where you are going to sit healthiest in terms of your daily energy levels and hormones.


Once you understand calories and how they can change both your internal and external physique, you can start to look at macronutrients.

Macros are the nutrients your body needs in order to survive and maintain optimum health.

Specific proteins, fats and carbs are you 3 macros and how you divide your daily intake of the 3 is the next step in changing your body.







FIRE – Pre Workout Fat Burner

There are a hell of a lot of fat burners out there; CLA, LCarnitine, appetite suppressants, and many more.
CLA acted as as serious diarrhetic for me and from what I’ve heard, for the vast majority of us. L-Carnitine never did diddly squat for me, and who wants to take an appetite suppressant when we need to eat to survive, and huger is part of that equation?

Pre workout fat burners I LOVE and here’s why- Thermogenics increase your heart rate during training, encouraging your body to burn more calories, and raising your metabolic rate to a serious degree.
They use caffeine and other ingredients to do this and are perfectly safe to take.
I get the best results on Thermogenics and I am more than happy to sell them.
HOWEVER, if you don’t train and or your diet isn’t on point, don’t bother, they are not for you.


I take these pre and sometimes during training to make sure I don’t go into a catabolic (muscle eating) state. These are especially good for cardio bunnies who still want to look ‘toned’.

HEALTH – Multivitamin

I take these every morning after breakfast to keep my body sweet.

RECOVERY – Protein Powder

I swear by shakes post workout because I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth, I train a lot so I need a lot of protein, the macro count in this particular shake is a DREAM and because it’s quick and easy.

Dietary Tips and Tricks

I love what I do. I love training, I love eating healthy, and as anyone who follows me on social media will know by now, I love the results that come with both.

That being said, eating healthy 99.9% of the time definitely has its painful moments.

I am a chocolate fiend. My favorite restaurants serve long lists of pizza and pasta creations that I fantasize over almost daily. But the sad fact is, if I want to actually SEE the results of all my training, I cannot dive face first into an Easter egg stash or bowl of spaghetti. It just doesn’t work like that.

Being over three years into this now, I have learned some pretty helpful and somewhat surprising dietary tricks that just might help my fellow fitties out…

Nut Butters

Do not be fooled, your diet needs a daily dose of all kinds of fats if you want to be healthy.

Women in particular need fatty acids to regulate hormones, so don’t think you’re on track buying low fat fad foods, you’re not.

Eggs, avocados and nuts are your best bets when it comes to clean fats, but some of us need something a little more indulgent…

Every day I ‘treat’ myself to a big old heaped tablespoon of nut butter.

There are some amazing brands out there that make this sandwich spread far more interesting than just chunky or smooth. Coconut and dark chocolate chips are two of the new trends, but even the old staples are being made without palm oil or sugar nowadays, making them an ideal guilt free snack.

Nut butters, look into it.

Dark Chocolate

Another great fat for those of us with a sweet tooth.

I like to sprinkle dark chocolate chips or cocoa nibs on my porridge when those cold mornings are biting and comfort food is calling.

The darker the better, but as long as it’s not a sugar tornado, you’re on the right track.

Protein Powder

No, you don’t have to drink protein shakes if you want to get in shape, they’re just pretty helpful for those of us on a high protein, low fun diet.

I blend my chocolate protein powder (Fitness Fondue Recovery) with almond milk and ice so it’s more like a milkshake.

Alternatively, I replace flour with protein powder to make guilt free pancakes or mug cakes.

Greek Yoghurt and Agave Syrup

Greek yoghurt is FULL of protein and squeezing some agave over the top of it is going to turn this boring dairy snack into a little bowl of syrupy dessert.


Whoever realized that shredded courgette had the same texture as spaghetti needs an award, because it has changed my life.

Whenever you’re craving carbs, grate up a big old bowl of courgette, drown in a homemade tomato sauce and hey presto, you have a guilt free bowl of heart warming goodness.

Cauliflower Rice

If your homemade curry or stew needs a guilt free accompaniment, cauliflower rice or even broccoli rice is the way forward.

It has the same texture as a grain but it actually tastes better due to its slightly mustardy flavor.



I sent this email to a friend of mine a couple of days ago, who was missing his abs and wanted some help getting them back.

It’s pretty short and sweet, but I thought it might help some of my Fondues out also…


The first thing you need to understand about getting your abdominal muscles to show, is that it all comes down to a low body fat%.

To achieve a low body fat%, there are a couple of rules you need to follow…

  1. You must be doing cardio 4-6 days a week, ideally in the form of HIIT.

Interval sprints are great, try do 10 interval sprints before breakfast to get your metabolism firing for the day, or AFTER weight sessions.

I hate to self promote, but my app is ideal HIIT also, and 15minutes is a pretty easy way to get your highly effective fat burning activity done.

  1. Your diet also needs to be on point in terms of what exactly and how much of it you’re eating, in order to get your body fat low.

It goes without saying that you can’t claim to want abs and be eating junk food every day. So clean up your diet. Clean, clean, clean.

However, even if your diet is 100% clean, you’re still not going to get your abs to show by eating a tub of peanut butter, 20 bananas and 18 bowls of rice a day. You need to find out how many calories a day you should be consuming by using the Harris Benedict Equation, knock 100cals off that count, and after a week or 2 see where you’re at aesthetically.

If you’re not slowly getting closer to where you want to be, knock another 100cals off and give it another week or 2.

If you have to do the above more than a few times, stop, or you will start to damage your metabolism. Give it another week or 2, and then add another weekly cardio session. Remember that 6 cardio sessions a week is more than enough though, so if you hit this you should consider adding a few minutes on to your sessions.

For bigger, bulkier abs, do weighted ab exercises 2-3 days a week.

For a slightly flatter, more ‘lean’ look, stick to body strength ab work 2-3 days a week.



  1. Dumbbell Pullovers (lying flat on bench)
  2. Hyperextensions (weighted on machine)
  3. Russian Twists (lying on floor with weight)
  4. Reverse Crunches (cable machine, rope handle)
  5. Wood Chops (cable machine)
  6. Weighted V Sits (weight held both hands)
  7. Side Bends (with weight in one hand)



  1. Leg Raises (hanging on machine)
  2. Leg Plunges (lying on floor)
  3. Crunches (on Swiss OR Bosu ball)
  4. Plank (to failure)
  5. Side Plank (to failure)
  6. Bicycles (lying on floor)
  7. V Sit Hold (lying on floor)


Two weeks ago today, I wrapped filming and promotional shots for my new weight lifting app. Post shoot I had a big old cheat night, but got back on the health and fitness grind the next day. I was actually pretty impressed with myself for staying on track, when I could have easily skipped the gym in favour of drunken nights out with my friends.

I managed to keep training and reverse dieting for a week post shoot, when my boyfriend asked me to run away with him for a few days. Those of you who follow me on social media will know that a holiday was most definitely NOT on the cards. 2015 was a learning curve that I promised myself I wouldn’t repeat. It was aesthetic roller coaster of being in shape and falling back out of it, time and time again, all because I would train like a beast and eat like an Olympian for months on end, before going away and hitting the buffet morning, noon and night, for starters, seconds and thirds…trust me, I can eat.

I just want to quickly talk about how much damage can be done over the course of a week, as a lot of people often respond that I can’t do THAT much harm in 6 days, and frequently insinuate that I have body dysmorphia or something of the like. First of all, I agree that it’s not particularly normal or logical, but when I take consistent days off both my diet and training simultaneously, I see a very clear jump in my body by day 4 or 5. I can only imagine this is down to the fact that I am naturally very curvy, so staying little and sinewy isn’t something my body is inclined to do. I also think people underestimate just how much food I can pile away before I’m even full, but rest assured it’s in the thousands of calories arena. Not to mention that training twice a day for months on end, followed by no training whatsoever…my body just can’t hold on for more than a few days.

So, I was apprehensive to go away, but I am also unwilling to miss out on life because I want a six pack. Period. So off we went.

Over the course of our 6 day break I only trained properly once, but I swam every day, sometimes twice a day. I ate what I wanted to an extent, but I didn’t go mad like I used to.

I’ve been back about a week now, and while my body does not look like it did 2 weeks ago, I’m not remotely bothered. Since I’ve been back I have trained every day, my diet is almost spotless aside from the odd date night, and I am in no rush to lean up.

I do have work things coming up mid May that I will need to push for, but I have some time to be normal before then.

Which brings me to the crux of this piece…

I often have people coming at me saying that not everyone can train twice a day and get the results I get, some people actually have jobs and children. Well yes, I have a job or 5 too, so that’s why I train early A.M. and late P.M., but I do understand that it isn’t particularly normal or easy to train twice a day, and YOU DON’T NEED TO.

You can change your body by doing 30minutes of weight lifting and 15minutes of cardio 4 days a week if you want to.

You can change your body by cleaning up your diet and keeping an eye on calories.

And if you do both of the above CONSISTENTLY, you can change your body to the same degree I do, it will just take longer.

If you want better results quicker, do more. Train 6 days a week. Track your calories and macros on MyFitnessPal. Do 20minutes of cardio instead of 15.  I promise you, it really is not rocket science.

The hardest part is staying consistent, and trust me, if anyone knows that, it’s me. So follow your fitness icons on social media and check their pages daily. Find ways to stay motivated. Remember that if they can do it, why the hell can’t you?! They are not super human, they are JUST as strong and weak as you or I.

I’ll be slowly increasing my diet and training in the next few weeks, but until then, I hope I can prove that you can be fit and healthy every day of your life, and not completely drown in living the ‘lifestyle change’.

Post Shoot

On Wednesday this week I completed my 3 week #ChloeApp challenge.

My goal was to shed as much fat while holding onto as much muscle as possible, before filming and then shooting my new weight lifting app.

I definitely achieved my goal, losing 4lbs and hitting 56kg (the lightest I’ve ever been), and after 3 years of weight lifting I was thrilled to see that muscle stayed by my side like a loyal friend.

I visibly changed my body in 3 weeks through morning cardio sessions (both HIIT and or LISS depending on my energy levels) that lasted anywhere between 15-30 minutes daily.

I lifted heavy weights in the evenings, training a different body part or 2 each day, followed again by a short but sweet second round of cardio.

My diet went from 1500calories down to 1300calories in the days before the shoot, maintaining a good split of protein, fats and carbs until the last week, when I did a carb cycle of 6 days low, 1 day high.

I also began water loading in the last week, hitting 6litres daily until 2 days before, when I pulled it right back and finally dehydrated completely and drank a lot of wine…which I’m sure my Instagram followers clocked, ha!
Post shoot I always have a big old cheat night, because by that point I’m dehydrated, depleted and in need of lots of fluids, carbs, calories and some mental relief. I ate McDonald’s, chocolate, ice cream, and so much water that I waddled into bed sort of like a blimp dressed in pjs and half attached false eyelashes.

Since then I have mentally sketched out what I want the next few days to look like in terms of diet and training. It’s important after a serious push to try to decrease training and dietary restrictions slowly and methodically so you can give your body a chance to get back into a normal state of being, instead of overloading it with calories or cutting training drastically which will lead to a loss of aesthetic progress, fat gain and generally feeling mentally and physically a bit discombobulated.
However, you do need to start to reverse the process at some point, because your body can only be pushed for so long before it starts to struggle on you.

Also, I have a rule that I set myself that with ever shoot my body will look better than the one before. This doesn’t always work, but that is the goal, and if I stay in a calorie deficit or intense training regime for long periods, I’m not going to progress at all. Best case scenario I’ll stay the same, most likely I’ll eventually find myself in a catabolic (muscle eating) state, mess with my BMR and hormones and generally hate life!
So for the next few days my cardio will STILL be twice daily, once before breakfast and once after weights, but I’ll cut it way down time wise.
Weights will stay the same but I’m going to gradually try to incorporate an added exercise here and there, and go heavier.

Diet will be the same(ish), but I’ll add on 100calories and 5% to both my fats and carbs macro splits.
Cheat nights will happen but not for a while after the last one – I don’t want to ruin ALL my progress!

Thank you so much to everyone who followed my progress and joined in the 3 week challenge with me!

If you want to change your body, look at my app for cardio, my 12 week plan for muscle building, cardio, diet and more.

If I can do it, trust me when I say that anyone can. I like sleep and chocolate more than anyone, so if I can commit to this, so can you.


Week 3
Day 1
Weight 127.2lbs

So this is the last week of the #ChloeApp challenge and I love how many of you have joined in with me, hash tagging along the way and working your cute little asses off. I cannot tell you how much it motivates me to keep going, to stay accountable and to practice what I preach, so thank you for the motivation and consistency you all give me!

I started at 128lbs week 1, didn’t lose anything week 2, and now at the start of week 3 I am down to 127.2lbs. This is a TINY loss but it’s not like I had much to lose to begin with, I just wanted to up my training and diet and get the best aesthetic results possible inside 3 weeks, which is about half the time I usually allow before a shoot.

I always say this but it’s important, I’m too lazy to go on body fat % and inches and I don’t feel the need to. I like to go on visuals and a very gentle yet progressive loss. However the former really is a much more accurate track of progress. I look somewhat similar to what I did 2 weeks ago but there’s no denying that I feel MUCH tighter, harder, and my clothes are all that little bit more comfortable with added wriggle room!

My goal weight for the end of week 3 is now 126lbs.

Week 2 consisted of:

  • A.M. – HIIT – 20 minutes – Chloe Madeley Fat Loss App – Before breakfast to get my metabolism firing for the day
  • P.M. – Weight lifting – Hypertrophy – Different body part OR split session (2 body parts) every evening – Followed by 20 minutes – Chloe Madeley Fat Loss app
  • DIET – 1500 calories daily – 50%p, 30%f, 20%c – Starchy carbs pre and post workout only
  • NO cheats, no rest days


I mentioned this in my last post and I’ll talk about it again now…

Results are down to staying on track and being 100% consistent with your diet and training. However, after a few weeks, if you want to keep progressing, you need to think about overload (increasing your training in some way, shape or form) and or diet. 

This means adding a few minutes to your cardio, trying to go up in your weights, increasing sets and reps, decreasing calories or macros by a small amount…SOMETHING has to go up a gear if you want to avoid a plateau.

So for week 2 I increased my cardio, week 3 is the final week, so I’m going to be doing more than just this:

  • A.M. – HIIT – 30 minutes – Chloe Madeley Fat Loss App – Before breakfast to get my metabolism firing for the day
  • P.M. – Weight lifting – Hypertrophy – Split session (2 body parts) every evening – Followed by 30 minutes – Chloe Madeley Fat Loss app
  • DIET – 1400 calories daily – 50%p, 40%f, 10%c 
  • CARB CYCLE – 8 days 10% carbs from veg only – Day 9 carb load – 50%p, 40%c, 10%f
  • WATER – 8 days 4/5 litres per day – Day 8, 9, 10 water when needed
  • NO cheats, rest day if needed

I will go into more detail about carb cycling and water loading later in the week, but for now, I just need to stay focused on completing the next 8 days.

If you want to start your own aesthetic transformation and fitness journey, look into the 12 Week Plan at the top of this page, which contains a comprehensive diet and training guide, written and followed 100% by myself.


Day 1, Week 2

This morning, I weighed‬ in at 128lbs, which means I’m standing still on the ‪‎scales‬ after 1 week.

However, there is absolutely no denying that my ‪‎body‬ looks completely different this morning than it did 8 mornings ago, so I’m not remotely bothered.

The scale is a really good way to stay on track, and also to track progress in the beginning, but after a while it’s definitely not your best option. Remember that it doesn’t measure body fat, muscle mass, water retention, cheat meals…after a while it is simply not an accurate assessment of progress.

I’m lazy so I rarely measure my body fat % or inches, but these are much better options to be honest.

Going into week 2, I’m not changing my diet because I don’t think I need to do that until next week.

However, ‎progress‬ and ‪‎overload‬ are pivotal to ‪continued ‎results‬, so I am going to add 5 minutes onto my daily ‪‎cardio‬ routine(s).
This means I’ll do an added 5 minute ‪circuit‬ every morning, bringing me to a total 20 minutes instead of 15 minutes, and if I do a circuit post ‪workout‬ too, I’ll do the same.

My lifting‬ routine will stay the same, still going as heavy as possible while completing 3 sets 8-15 reps. Sometimes I switch my weights routine up, adding sets or reps, changing weights or exercises, but at this stage I am happy with my routine and progress.

The key to changing your body is making it through the hard days, the tired days, the doubtful days. It is a mental game, don’t for one second think you can do it if you don’t believe you can.