Weight Lifting

Before I started training and eating properly, I was never bigger than a big size 10.

I always liked my body, I was always body confident, but if you had given me the tools to change it, I absolutely would have. Why? Because it’s fun. For me, personally, I think what I do is fun. I get a lot of heat for it and I go blue in the face trying to explain myself so often, but the bottom line? It’s fascinating to me.

The picture on the left was taken a few months before I knew the first thing about nutrition and training. I would run 3-4 days a week for up to an hour. I would cut out carbs for weeks at a time before a holiday, and I had never even thought about changing my body properly. How could I when I had NO concept of how to?

The picture on the right was taken nearly 3 years into my training, after 4 weeks of ‘cutting’. I am not always that lean, I like to take little breaks that allow me to eat cake and drink wine which will obliterate my abs in a matter of days, but that’s what I can do when I get my consistency on.

The funny thing is, the left pic is all cardio and Atkins, the right is lots of weight lifting, a little cardio and actually understanding food.

I want to write a little bit about how to weight lift for your goals, but first I do actually need to address cardio…

Cardio should be added to a weight lifting programme to A, keep you fit and healthy and B, keep you somewhat lean.

If you are looking to gain muscle, I would say 20 minutes of HIIT or LISS twice a week is fine, ideally as fasted cardio so you can separate it wholly from your muscle building routine.

If you are looking to get lean, cardio should be an almost daily occurrence, 20-40 minutes of HIIT or LISS, again ideally fasted so you can separate it wholly from your muscle building routine.

If you are looking to gain muscle, you should still eat clean and healthy. Protein and veg should still be your staples, but starchy carbs can also play a frequent role in your meals. Portion control is less important.

If you are looking to get lean, protein and veg is going to get you there. Starchy carbs should be timed around workouts only. Portion control is pivotal to keep calories in check.

Now let’s talk about lifting…

1. ENDURANCE – Endurance is high sets and high reps, so think 4-5 sets of 15-20 reps per exercise. It’s going to get your muscles working and if you have short rest periods between sets, can be a great form of lifting in a cutting programme. However, you still need to be exhausting the muscle by the last few reps if you want this form of training to have any impact whatsoever. Those handbag weights can be left at the door…or in the rehab centre where they belong.

2. HYPERTROPHY – All hail hypertrophy. Unless one of my muscle groups is seriously outgrowing another, Hypertrophy is my Mecca. Hypertrophy is hitting 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps per exercise, going as heavy as you can so you exhaust the muscle by the last couple reps. Hypertrophy is going to tear your muscle, forcing it to grow, and is responsible for those glorious DOMS.

3. STRENGTH – Strength training is good for those who have hit a plateau in their muscular growth. Think 1-2 sets of 1-2 reps, going all out, as heavy as you possibly can. It’s great to apply strength to an exercise that you can’t seem to increase your weight on, or a body part that is refusing to grow, in the hope that once you return to hypertrophy, you can increase your previous weight or reps and get that muscle firing again.

Lifting is a 5-6 day a week occurrence for me, training a different body part each day (legs, back, abs, upper body), stubborn areas twice a week. Not only is it MUCH more entertaining than cardio, but it has a HUGE impact on your hormones, metabolic rate, body composition and eventual aesthetic results.

If you’re scared of weight lifting but want to change your body, it’s time to face the music and pick up a bar.

Week 3, 130lbs

Sorry for the puffy, early morning, makeup free face. It is what is is!

So, week 3 and I’m starting at 130lbs, 4.4lbs down from last week, a HUGE loss for me.

I did a sneaky weigh in on Friday morning and I was sitting at 132.4lbs, so 2lbs down in 5 days. I was extremely surprised and didn’t expect to lose any more over the weekend, but then on Sunday night food poisoning struck and I was up all night with my head in a toilet bowl – which will have a lot to do with this week’s number.

This should perfectly reiterate my point that although the scales are one way to measure progress, they are not the best indicator of AESTHETIC progress by any means. As you can see from my pictures, I don’t look too different to last week, although I am getting leaner and lighter, the scales are giving a bigger achievement than my body is showing, and this is not the goal.

This week I’m not going to change anything, my calories, cardio and macros will stay the same. Right now I don’t care to lose any more, I’m just hoping to maintain this week’s number, and then maybe add to it next week.

I just want to say a quick sorry that the site has been down so sporadically lately. We actually have a massive addition coming in the next few weeks that I’m REALLY excited about, so I promise it will all be worth it in the end!

This week I’m going to write a bit more about training goals, supplements and more, so keep your eyes peeled and as always, thank you for being such good little eggs!

The One Ingredient Rule

For those of you who are new to eating clean, losing weight with a HEALTHY diet and confused about proteins, fats and carbs, here are some simple rules to follow…

You can never go wrong with protein and veg – Protein should be the staple of every meal you eat. Obviously the leaner proteins like chicken and fish are best, but red meat is also great in moderation. I tend to have red meat once or twice a week. Veg is full of micronutrients which will keep you good and healthy, and also aid your body’s use and digestion of food. Veg are also full of fibre, which is responsible for that full feeling, and will keep you regular. A hearty meal of protein and veg is ideal for health and any kind of weight loss or fat loss goal.

Starchy carbs can be consumed daily, even when loss is the goal, just pick the right ones at the right times – The best kinds of carbs are clean carbs that are full of fibre, such as oats, sweet potato and brown rice. Starchy carbs are great for breakfast, and in pre and post workout meals when your body will utilise them most. If you’re hanging out on the sofa all day, you don’t really need starches, instead, have plenty of veg as your main carb source that day.

Fats are essential for both health and weight or fat loss goals – Most of us in the health and fitness business are completely perplexed by the influx of low fat products and the trend to buy them. Fat is essential in our diets for heart health, brain health, and even the breakdown of adipose (fatty) tissue. Again, like with protein and carbs, it’s important to know what fats to eat and when. Things like eggs, avocado, nuts and oils are your best bet. Fats are very high in calories, which does NOT mean you shouldn’t go near them, it just means go near them in moderation. So have eggs for breakfast, have a handful of nuts as a snack, have half an avocado in your salad.

THE ONE INGREDIENT RULE – Having read the above you will see that everything I have mentioned – chicken, fish, oats, sweet potato, eggs, nuts etc – all of these foods are 1 singular ingredient. If you look at the back of a chocolate bar or packet of crisps, you will see a long list of ingredients that you probably won’t be able to pronounce. If you abide by the 1 ingredient rule, your diet should be 100% clean, healthy and safe 100% of the time.

Week 2, 134.4lbs

Excuse the puffy confused morning face…

SO, week 2, down just over 1lb, just under 1kg.

Normally, week 1 of a new plan is a 2-3lb loss for me, so I wasn’t thrilled this morning.

However, when you are already quite lean, be it at the start or end of a fat loss plan, big numbers are unlikely. So I’m keeping my chin up and changing a thing or 2 this week.

I’m going to drop my calorie count down to 1700 starting today, which should help me shift some weight a little bit faster.

I’m also going to add 5 minutes to my fasted cardio, because currently it’s not a struggle, so a little extra time will go unnoticed.

At this point I want to talk about weighing scales and what you need to bear in mind with this measure of progress…

When I started training 3 years ago, I could get down to 125lbs, but wouldn’t look half as ‘shredded’ as I do when I drop lbs now.

128lbs is my absolute lowest goal post nowadays, because I have gained a lot of muscle in 3 years, and 125lbs wouldn’t be easy or aesthetically appealing to me now.


There are much more efficient and reflective ways to monitor progress than the scales. Body fat % being the best, progress pictures, dress sizes etc…I use the scales because frankly, I’m lazy, and also because as long as I can see my body changing week by week, I’m happy.

I’m hoping that by next week I will have shifted between 1-2lbs, but I’m leaving enough room to play with calories and training to change the game up if not.

Thank you for all your emails re your own progress with the plan, it’s incredible to see so many of you dropping so much weight and changing your bodies in a matter of weeks.

If you’d like to feature on the site, please send a before and after shot along with your story, however long or short it may be, to info@fitnessfondue.com


Day 1, Week 1, 135.5lbs

As some of you may have been reading on my Instagram lately, I have really relaxed my diet since July.

By relaxed I don’t mean I went off the rails and ate cake every day, I actually really do enjoy eating healthy, clean foods and don’t struggle with it at all unless I’m in a very social and or glutenous environment. So most days I am on point, but when I’m with friends or family, it all goes a bit Pete Tong. Unusually for me, I haven’t really had a reason not to drink the wine or eat the dessert, so I’ve gained a few lbs and been a lot happier with my social life.

I’ve still trained daily, cardio to start my day and weights to end it. I love training and unless I’m on holiday, I really struggle to miss a workout…there’s a sentence I never would have said 3 years ago! But the fact of the matter is, I am not an ectomorph, I am not a size 6, I am not petite and if I want to whittle down, my diet has to be 100% consistent, or it’s really NOT going to happen for me. If any of you send me an email about IIFYM after reading that I will come to your house and punch you in the face. I WISH I could have a super flexible diet and keep my abs, but I have tried it, and I can’t.

A week or 2 ago, I got told that I would need to be in shape come October, so I started to practise a spotless diet again. I was much better than I have been, but still maybe possibly got drunk once and or sat down at a dinner table that I shouldn’t have. To be honest, it was new and nice for me to ease in, because by Friday I got shoot dates confirmed, and now it’s go time.

So, as any of you who frequent the site will already know:

  • I whittle down with 30 mins fasted cardio in the A.M. (LISS or HIIT depending on how I feel)
  • I lift heavy weights in the P.M. training a different body part each day and doing 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps
  • I finish off weights with 20 mins HIIT
  • My calorie count will come down from around 1900 currently to 1500 over the next 4 weeks
  • My carbohydrate and fat macro %s will slowly decrease over the next 4 weeks also

I think you guys should join in with me, and keep me posted on social media with how you’re getting on!

If you’re new to it all and would like to join in, but are totally confused by this post, then I recommend you download the Fat Loss plan at the top of this site and get your head around what you need to do if you want body transformation.


Last week I experienced some bad writer’s block, it happens sometimes, I sit and stare at the screen and wonder what the hell there is left to talk about. It’s hard to come up with content that reiterates the staples (diet, training, calories, cardio etc…) without becoming mind numbingly repetitive.

So I took to social media to ask what you guys want me to write about, and was immediately inundated with great suggestions…also the odd question about cardio, which I may have to ignore so I don’t bore everyone to actual death, starting with myself.

Before I start trawling through some of the gooduns though, I just wanted to update you all on where I am currently, as I often do this when I’m leaning up, but not so much when I’m gaining a little or maintaining.

At the moment there are no shoots on the horizon. No holidays. No reasons at all to get naked in front of more than one person, who lucky for me couldn’t care less if I have a six pack or not.

This is rare for me, a luxury in my constant quest to best my last photoshoot.

I still do fasted cardio every morning, steady cardio for 20-45 minutes depending on how I feel and how busy I am that day. I enjoy it, and I need it, because in case you haven’t guessed yet I am slightly mental.

I still lift weights every evening, going heavy and training a different body part each day.

I still eat clean and healthy, track my calories and macros every day to make sure I’m not going off the rails.

HOWEVER, one or two days a week, I’m just not interested. I want to lie on the sofa with my boyfriend and not move for 12 hours straight. I want to order pizza and eat half a tub of ice cream and wobble off to bed in a food coma. I want to go out with my friends and drink a bottle of wine over dinner. And I have no reason not to right now.

Yes, I miss my abs. Of course I do. I WISH I could do all of the above and still be a shredded little lean bean – but I can’t. There are some people who CAN, and I am disgustingly jealous of them, but I am not there yet, and I might never be.


You can be all of the above and carry a little fluff sometimes, if you don’t believe me, look at your fitness idols in their ‘off season’.

I currently have a great balance, probably about 70/30, of carelessness and focus. I feel sane, happy, fit and healthy…without a single ab in sight.

Personalising your Fitness Plans

I’m receiving a lot of emails from people asking what they can and cannot change with regard to the 12 Week Fat Loss Plan, and even other plans they are currently following.

I promise you that it is largely about using common sense, but I know that some people are hesitant to follow their own approaches, so I wanted to share 2 key points that will help you personalise any and every fitness plan you decide to follow.

  • MONITOR YOUR BODY TO MAKE SURE YOUR TRAINING PLAN IS DOING WHAT YOU WANT – After a few weeks of training (weeks, NOT days), you will start to actually SEE your body changing. When this happens, you will be able to assess your strong and stubborn areas. When you know what these are, you can edit your training plan, so long as you don’t COMPLETELY neglect certain areas. For example, I will do 2 leg days a week because my butt is a stubborn old girl, and 2 ab days a week because you can only really see my abs when my body fat is low and they have a bit of pump. I train my back once a week and my upper body once a week because these areas grow strongly and consistently, so require less attention from me.
  • MONITOR YOUR BODY TO MAKE SURE YOUR NUTRITION IS RIGHT FOR YOU – While it is normal to crave foods at the start of a fat loss plan, or feel A LITTLE lethargic towards the end of it, you should absolutely NOT be starving OR crying from exhaustion every day. If you find that this is happening, you need to up your calories and / or look at your macro splits. For example, I can go about 4 days on a low carb diet, but by day 5 man alive do my legs start to give out on me. I FEEL it happening and it feels MISERABLE. This is when I will take a rest day AND refeed, usually with 4 or 5 bowls or protein oats throughout the day (because I LOVE it), before then getting up for fasted cardio and smashing legs later on the following day.

The 12 Week Plan Calorie Deficit

Hello Fondues!

I haven’t posted in a few days which really annoys me, but I’ve been very busy trying to get a couple of exciting fitness projects off the ground which I really hope you guys will benefit from.

Every so often I receive an email which questions and contests my advice and what I stand for. When it happens it’s bittersweet, I get frustrated, angry and upset, but I also feel motivated, inspired, comforted and reassured by people who are so passionate about responsibility in this industry. There isn’t enough of it to be honest, and I bite my tongue every day trying not to call people out – it’s not my style to be inflammatory towards others so instead, I scream as loud as I can about what you SHOULD be doing.

Yesterday, such an email ended up in my inbox, and I wanted to share it with you all for several reasons…

Firstly, I am a stickler for giving responsible advice and being held accountable. Sometimes I really struggle with this because, as I frequently reiterate, health and fitness and serious aesthetic results are 2 very different things that require 2 very different levels of commitment. I try to make this as clear as I can as often as I can, and I will continue to do so in the hope that people aim to maintain health and fitness, every so often pushing for serious aesthetic results IF they happen to love it as much as I do.

The truth is, AESTHETIC results take a hell of a lot of effort to achieve and are CERTAINLY unhealthy to maintain for women. What I mean by this is that training 6-7 days a week, weighing out food and watching your social life take a MASSIVE hit – these things are what athletes do, not your average Joes. Athletes are mentally and physically trained and prepared for this and are guided through it by huge teams of qualified professionals. Going it alone can be stressful on the body and mind.

Once women’s body fat DOES drop so low that they are ‘shredded’, it’s only a matter of time (a few months at best) before you mess up your hormones and you need to start slowly, gently and healthily reversing the process.

I happen to be one of those people that loves health and fitness, but every now and then I like to really push it and see exactly what my body and my mind is capable of. That means more training, and lower calories.

I only do this for a few weeks at a time, and then I’ll slowly start to rest more and eat more while still training and eating healthy, just without focusing on aesthetics.

Yesterday, I received an email from a woman, a brilliant woman in my opinion, who called into question the calorie count on the 12 week fat loss plan.

She said the women’s was coming up at around about 1500 calories and it was unhealthy to train on that for 12 weeks solid. She said I no longer had her respect, and I was contradicting myself about calories being 100% subjective (they are by the way).

I wanted to put my reply on the site so that you guys can understand why the nutrition is set out the way it is…

First of all, the plan I have devised has a constant, healthy and balanced stream of food intake throughout the day.
From breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, from protein, vegetables, fats and timed starchy carbs around training, this is a very healthy and balanced meal plan.
I also include weekly rest days and refeed meals in the plan so that the body can rest and refuel.

Yes, the plan ranges at around about 1500 calories for women, depending on what the participant chooses to eat (for example lean mince would have more calories than fish etc).
I did this to A, ensure fat loss from a calorie deficit and B, after a schlep through various client’s BMR records, I determined that most women sit around the 2000 calorie a day mark (some just over, some just under).
I believe that from your BMR count, you should gradually decrease calories over a period of weeks, down to around about -500. However, this is very much a generic fat loss download and so that is where the calorie count starts and stays.

I absolutely say and believe that calorie counts, macros etc ARE subjective, and I explain this in the plan, as well as in various posts about the plan on the site.
The fact of the matter is, a fat loss download is a fat loss download. It has training and a clean, low calorie diet in order to get people results in A HEALTHY way.
As I said, there are also weekly refeeds included.

Lastly, I would like you to know that 2 separate nutritionists looked through the plan before it went live, and all of them came back to me with various measurement suggestions and finally in agreement that it was an effective plan that was NOT unhealthy nutritionally.

Guys, the fat loss download is designed to get you the results you payed for in a HEALTHY way over a 12 week period. It is very nutritionally balanced and nobody should struggle with it – other than turning down dessert at restaurants it’s pretty easy to do. You are not going to mess with your body on this diet, I promise, I would not have put it out there if you were.

However, if you just want to be fit and healthy, you can play around with the measurements on the download and have more fun with the training, there is no harm in that.

I hope to always be honest and accountable to you all, and I hope you all call me on it if ever I fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hello little Fondues.

Before I begin this post I want to illustrate that I am SO grateful for every single one of you who supports, encourages and takes an interest in what I do.

It’s a dog eat dog business, and my goal is to be 100% honest, accountable, responsible and reliable for the advice I give, in order to inspire, motivate and inform anyone who wants to try it, too. It seems to be working, and that’s because you guys really listen, and I cannot tell you how good that makes me feel.

I often get asked really interesting questions from you guys that inspire posts on this site and even make me readdress what I’m doing. Finding an audience for FF was the dream, and man alive did I get lucky with the audience I got. So really, thank you, your support absolutely does NOT go unnoticed.

So, apologies if this post comes across as a little ranty, that is NOT my intention (for a change), but I want to go through some of the more frequently asked questions…

I get inundated with emails and social media every day asking me the same questions, which truth be told I address almost weekly on this site. If you don’t get a reply to a long email filled with questions about health and fitness, it’s because I get hundreds every day and the questions that you’re asking are answered in detail, and then some, on this very site.

So, I’m going to go through some of them now, and I hope it helps some of you out…

1. DO YOU DO CARDIO? FASTED? HIIT? STEADY? FOR HOW LONG? HOW MANY DAYS A WEEK? Yes. I do fasted cardio (before breakfast) for anywhere between 20-45 minutes most days, depending on how I’m feeling and what my schedule is like that morning. I do this as steady cardio, usually walking, jogging, the stair master etc. I do it because I enjoy it, it’s a good start to my day, it’s good for anxious people (me) and of course for fat burning. I also do 20 minutes of HIIT after weights sometimes because my weight sessions are usually short and sharp and I enjoy HIIT.

2. DO YOU LIFT WEIGHTS? HOW MANY DAYS A WEEK? FOR HOW LONG? – Yes. I lift weights 6 days a week and I do Hypertrophy training, which is the muscle building range. I usually hit anywhere between 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps per exercise. I train a different body part every day. Legs, abs, upper body, back, then legs or abs again. I can be done with a weight session in 25 minutes, I can go for up to an hour, it all depends on what exercises I choose to do, and what exercises I choose depends on how I see my body that day!

3. IT’S NOT REALISTIC FOR ME TO TRAIN LIKE YOU OR GET YOUR BODY BECAUSE I HAVE A JOB / KIDS – OK, this really pisses me off, for several reasons. Firstly, I HAVE A JOB! Sweet Jesus, I cannot tell you how annoying it is that I slog my ass off every day but because I have famous parents, apparently I don’t work. If I had become a doctor or a lawyer I’m sure people would shut up, but I’m not. I own a business, I am a PT, I am a free lance journalist, and lately it would seem that I have become somewhat of a fitness model – yay me. I WORK EVERY DAMN DAY OF THE WEEK. Also, please remember that it is my job to stay in shape so I HAVE to make training a priority. I do my cardio at 6.30am most mornings and my weights around 7pm most nights, BEFORE AND AFTER I WORK. The kids thing, this I get is a legit comparative problem. A lot of commercial gyms have creches and play groups though, I know mine does, so maybe look into that. Also, don’t forget that circuits, skipping ropes, resistance bands, kettle bells, there is plenty of cardio and resistance training to be done at home WHILE staring into the eyes of your danger ridden child.

4. DO YOU EAT CARBS? – Yes, and you can eat carbs every day too. You should really keep them clean (oats, sweet potato, brown rice, wholegrain rice cakes etc) and in moderation, ideally timing them around your workouts (pre and post). I do something called ‘Carb Cycling’ which is an advanced dieting method, and you do NOT need to do it unless you train every day, have serious aesthetic goals and are already most of the way there. I do low carb days (3 days ) followed by a high carb day (day 4), which allows me to burn fat and train effectively. HOWEVER, a lot of your results will come down to your simple daily energy input / output – aka calories.

5. HOW DO I GET ABS? – Cardio, calories, weight training and PATIENCE. Abs are impossible unless you commit 100% for a LONG time, so if you cannot do that, I suggest you reassess your goal.

6. IS THE 12 WEEK FAT LOSS PLAN OK FOR VEGETARIANS / VEGANS / GYM GOERS / NONE GYM GOERS / MEN / WOMEN-  As long as you have a protein source, a fat source and a carb source you will be totally fine and the plan will work for you. And yes, gym and none gym workouts are included. And yes, men and women can do the plan, there are sections for both as diets etc vary.

7. I AM INJURED / UNWELL, CAN I DO THE PLAN – It would be grossly unethical and immoral for me to answer this. If you are injured or unwell, you need to ask your GP, physio, surgeon, specialist PT what you can and can’t do. I cannot tell you without seeing you, and even then I might not be able to give you an answer. I am not a doctor.



Fitness Newbie? What to Expect…


If you want aesthetic results, you need to nail BOTH your diet and exercise routine. Not one or the other, BOTH, and you need to stay CONSISTENT. 

This will happen with time and through trail and error. You’re probably not going to jump into training your ass off 6 days a week on week 1, and you’re probably not going to nail a spotless diet for a little while…even if you THINK you are.

You are NOT going to understand what your body responds best and quickest to when you are 1 day in, and you probably still won’t know when you are 1 year in.

Yes, there are the basics – calories, cardio, resistance training, macros etc – HOWEVER, aesthetic results are so very subjective. For example, I know fitness models who balloon on a high fat high protein diet, but stay shredded on a high carb intake. I know girls who literally will not see their abs unless they do a serious carb cycle for weeks on end. I know men who can eat 5000 calories a day, pick up a weight and maintain an exceptionally low body fat. I know men who only do HIIT and look like they lift weights daily.  EVERYBODY IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

I talk about this all the time but still get asked questions via email and social media every day that I honestly cannot answer, such as ‘What exercises do I need to do to get abs?’. Answer? ALL OF THEM, COUPLED WITH A SRTICT AND CONSISTENT DIET.

When I started, it took me 3 weeks to look in the mirror and say, oh, my body has changed. It took me 1 year to realise I had some real muscle on my back. It took over 2 years before I saw my abs, properly, and believe me they have come and gone since then. If I knew week 1 what I know now, I probably would have done it all in a matter of months, but to know everything I know now THEN? That would have been totally impossible.

So be patient. Give yourself time to train and diet and get it right. You will get there, if you want to, you will. Period.