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Week 2, Post Holiday Blues

Hello Fondues!

For 11 days solid now I have woken up every morning for 15-20 minutes of fasted cardio at home (circuits or treadmill), followed by lunch time weight lifting sessions at the gym.

I always focus on a different muscle group or 2 per session:

  • Legs/glutes
  • Back/arms
  • Shoulders/abs

This allows me to hit every muscle group twice a week.

My sets and reps always differ:

  • Sometimes 3/8 HEAVY
  • Sometimes 4/12-15 to exhaustion
  • Sometimes pyramid sets

My type of lifting routine totally depends how I am feeling and looking that day. If I feel strong, I will lift heavy. If my shoulders look small, I will lift heavy. If I feel weak, I will exhaust. If my shoulders look full, I will exhaust. Weight lifting for me is all about physical feeling and instinct. I am not overly strict with my routine. Add to that, I am a big believer in switching it up for maximum aesthetic results.

Usually, when I get back into the swing of things, I start out with a 100% clean diet, on about 1800 cals daily, with a good, balanced macro split.

However, this time, I have started out with a 100% clean diet, on about 1800 kcals daily, with a carb cycle…

Why an immediate carb cycle?

Because for 8 days solid, donuts, cereal, pancakes, croissants, bread, ice cream and cocktails were all daily staples of my holiday diet. This added up to a huge surplus of carbs, and a huge surplus of calories.

Jumping from this into 1800 calories, alongside daily training, is going to have an immediate impact on my body.

I also wanted to have an immediate impact on my glycogen stores and fat burning ability, hence the carb cycle.

I am currently doing a 3 days low, 1 day high carb cycle.

Both my calories and carb cycle will remain this way for at least a few weeks, until I edge closer to my shoot dates (June-July).

I have time and options on my side, and I cannot express how important this is.

Too many of my clients read my blogs and social media posts and jump in to what I’m doing in my final week…


Changing your body should be a slow, progressive process, with minor tweaks happening no more than once a week.

You do not want week 1 to look like week 12, and you do not want week 12 to look like week 1.

Progress your diet. Progress your training. Make sure you can keep overload up all the way into that final week.

Here’s to another few weeks of stability!

Post Holiday Blues

Hello lovely Fondues!

I apologise for being off the radar for a couple of weeks now.

The last time I posted I was about 3 weeks into my reverse diet and training regime.

After spending 9 weeks progressively increasing my workout times and intensity, while decreasing my dietary intake, I was eventually in a deficit followed by depletion.

I was incredibly lean when I decided to slowly work my way back up to maintenance levels, in order to keep my metabolism in check and keep my body progressing in the long run.

My cardio steadily decreased and my calories steadily increased, meaning that 3 weeks after being at a very low body fat, I was still able to maintain a somewhat lean physique.

However, week 4 saw me fly away with my partner, and by week 5 it is safe to say the lean has died.

I am curvy and brown and excited for the next 13 weeks, which will see me slowly work my way down from a surplus, into maintenance, followed by a deficit, and finally depletion.

I am giving myself longer this time because I want to stay at maintenance for a while before I start chipping away.

13 weeks will be the longest I have ever given myself to get into great shape, but I want to do it that way this time because in truth, it is easier on both my body and my brain.

For those of you who will comment and email off the back of this post, the answer is YES – The 12 Week Body Transformation Guide takes you through each and every step that I follow when getting into shape. From LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio, to HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio, into circuit training, all alongside weight lifting – the plan reflects exactly how I change my body with exercise.

It talks you through what you can eat in the Food Bible, how much of it you can eat (and when) in Portion Control, and covers off cheat meals and supplementation. There is an option to calculate your own calories and macros for your own goals if you want to advance further, and also a section on carb cycling (which I usually start implementing a few weeks into a plan).

If you want to get in shape for summer, NOW IS THE TIME.

The Guide is everything you need to know, and you can do it alongside me if you’re worried about giving up.

Summer is coming, and I intend to feel as confident as possible as naked as possible – because sweat patches will fuck your summer goddess look right up.

Current State

2.5 weeks into reversing and I’m still adding calories and decreasing cardio weekly.

Because I get up early every day and get my training done, that part of what I do is always stable.

My reverse diet is also stable…however I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had more than 1 slip up in the last few days.

Desserts have been shared and a alcohol has been consumed.

However, I am going away soon, so BOTH my diet and training will be stable over the course of the next 10 days.

If you don’t have any reason to get in shape it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be conscious of your diet and training.

Yes, rest days can be had and desserts can be ordered, but you should always be aware of how you are treating your body.

Move it, feed it, and remember that progress should always be your goal, be it mental or physical.

Reversing – Week 2

I am now 1 full week of reverse dieting and training down, confidently heading into week 2.

After my 9 week prep of slowly increasing cardio and decreasing calories and carb / fat macros, it’s time to slowly reverse the process.

Often when I come off a prep I find myself on holiday, balls deep in food and booze for a solid 2 weeks, so you can imagine the damage I do.

However, this time, I’m home, still wanting to train daily, and unless it’s a celebratory event, I don’t really have an excuse to fall off the diet wagon.

Last week I…

  • Reduced my cardio by -5 minutes
  • Increased my calories by +100
  • Increased my carb and fat macros by +5%
  • Had Saturday night + Sunday to enjoy all the things I’ve missed out on over the last 9 weeks (drinking with friends, eating with family, and not counting a single calorie or macro)

This week I will repeat that exact same process.

The goal is eventually to find myself out of a carb cycle, into a much more appropriate daily macro split of 50%p, 30%c, 20%f.

The goal is to slowly bring myself back up to about 2000 calories daily.

The goal is to have 1 rest day and 1 cheat day a week, simultaneously, to be enjoyed with my P.I.C.

The goals is to lift heavy AF.

The goal is to enjoy my life as much as possible, before May 1st, when tunnel vision will see me discipline myself once more, for 3 very big, very fun reasons.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


The End

No, I don’t mean the end of daily gym visits and broccoli mashing.

The truth is that I LOVE daily gym visits and I LOVE broccoli mashing. Big bowls of broccoli mash with chicken and hot sauce make my day.

Most of you already know this story, but in the spirit of The End, I’m going to tell it in one fell swoop…

Almost 5 years ago now, my PT of an ex boyfriend put an Olympic bar on my back, and my whole world changed.

I fell in love with weight lifting and started training properly, daily.

I started learning about nutrition so I could see the changes to my body (if you train like an athlete and you’re not getting anywhere aesthetically, you now know you are not genetically blessed – sorry – and your nutrition needs changing).

I learned fast, I changed fast, and I fell in love with every sweaty, painful, scientific second of it. I started this site and began blogging about what I was doing.

I remember watching PT sessions and seething with jealousy, so I enrolled on a PT course, got my L2, later my L3, and finally my nutrition qualifications, before taking on as many clients as I could. At one point, I think I had 21. I have NO idea how I managed that, but thank God I did, because what I learned in those 3 years of PTing in parks and gym studios was invaluable.

My knowledge grew and evolved – continues to grow and evolve – and before I knew it, what I could do to my body and the bodies of those who really wanted it amazed me – continues to amaze me!

Several preps, photoshoots, alterations, implementations and goal posts later, it was October 2016, and I was trying, and failing, to best myself.

Cardio, calories, macros and consistency, and my body had finally stopped responding.

Now, make NO mistakes about it, changing your body is a simple science, and if you follow the formula, you get the results. Period.

But the fool proof formula wasn’t working…as it turned out, there were roads of knowledge I had yet to wander down.

In short, my metabolism had crashed. My body had readjusted to my new patterns and if I wanted to change it AGAIN, I was going to have to take some drastic diet and or training measures. But I was burnt out. I didn’t want to take drastic measures. I’m not a science experiment, I am a 29 year old woman with a life beyond abs. I was done.

I took November and December off. I trained every day, I ate healthy every day, but I didn’t push myself in the gym and I didn’t say no to a glass of wine. I didn’t TRY to do anything to my body other than love it, nurture it, and accept it for its soft, curvy, natural state.

By mid December I was gunning for a push. I am the kind of girl who gets a serious kick out giving something 110%, and then some. I will empty the tank into a task and love every exhausting second of it. But I knew I had to hold tight, Christmas was coming and I wanted to do it properly.

By January 1st 2017 I was well fed, well rested, and well ready for the next few weeks of 100%.

As you can read on this site, I progressively lowered my calories (slowly down to 1300) and my macros (eventually entering a carb cycle), while progressively upping my cardio.

I didn’t cheat. It wasn’t easy. And yes you can do it too. How? YOU JUST FUCKING DO.

By week 9 I was the lightest and leanest I’ve ever been at 122lbs and 12.5% body fat.

Yes this is maintainable – with no cheating for weeks at a time and pretty horrific training sessions.

I am not interested in having a pizza every 3 weeks and I am not interested in horrific training sessions.

I am interested in eating some serious pizza and gaining some serious muscle before May, when I will start my next prep.

No, it’s not ‘throwing it away’, it’s progressing my body, my life, and my goals.

*If you want to change your body, see my 12 Week Body Transformation Guide, written by, followed by, and fully endorsed by me, me, and me.*