The January Plan


Those of you who follow me on social media will have seen this photo already, but here is my Christmas bod!

As many of you know, I do not monitor my food intake over Christmas (or when I go abroad). This means I gain weight in the form of body fat.

No, just because someone trains like an athlete and has a lot of muscle mass, does NOT mean they are immune to weight gain or a high body fat %.

As I say in my iBook video intro, diet is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR. PERIOD.

If your diet isn’t on point, neither is your body – that sentence doesn’t apply to the genetically gifted, so if you can eat whatever and still be shredded, I hate you, but well done.

So here I am, 137lbs and very curvy indeed. I’m also happy, relaxed and finally willing to give 100% again…it’s been a long time since I could say that.

The next week for me will look like this:

15 minutes fasted cardio (15 minute fat loss app OR HIIT sprints) X 6 days week

1 weight lifting session X 6 days week

Eat clean – within my calorie count and macro split (50%P 30%C 20%F)

And I don’t intend of having a cheat meal in week 1.

Do it with me. Download my training apps and clean eating iBook and use the fresh start of the new year to motivate you.

If you want to change your body, you can. You simply need knowledge and consistency.

Personal Update – A Little Discipline

The last few weeks have been a lot of fun for me. Training daily, eating healthy, and allowing myself meals out and red wine nightcaps has gone down a storm mentally.

Yes, the less restrictive diet means I’m curvier, but I’m also killing training, I’m stronger, I’m happier, and I’m feeling the excitement build for my next prep in January.

However, my boyfriend has a very big, very topless shoot in 2 weeks time, and he’s asked me to help him rein it in beforehand.

His version of ‘rein it in’ is still a 4000 calorie a day diet, with a 40p 40c 20f macro split – aka more than what I’d face plant on a cheat day. And he cannot restrict any of this, not one macro or calorie, as he is a performance athlete, and if he shows up to training depleted and lethargic, I’ll be getting an angry phone call or 2.

However, there is no pretending that red wine nightcaps, fancy meals out and bowls of spaghetti as big as his head have a place in any kind of prep diet – they don’t. Alcohol isn’t bad for you in moderation, but it has a ton of wasted calories. Fancy meals out aren’t bad for you in moderation, but they have a ton of hidden calories and macros that are impossible to quantify. Bowls of spaghetti aren’t bad for you in moderation, but there are other carb sources that will help you train better and see better results.

And so, this is week 1 of a much more strictly monitored diet for him, and week 1 of a much more restricted diet for myself.

I figure why not jump in? Why not clear out the wine for a couple of weeks and eat from Tupperware en route instead of stopping for dinner? I want to see if 2 weeks of discipline with the same calorie and macro counts will do anything for me – and I have a very strong feeling that it absolutely will.

In the lead up to Christmas it is hard to stay on track. Parties, novelty foods, family visits – I get it. but if you can be strict until the grand occasion itself, your body will repay you for your efforts.

Black Friday SALE!

FIRE – Pre Workout Fat Burner

There are a hell of a lot of fat burners out there; CLA, LCarnitine, appetite suppressants, and many more.
CLA acted as as serious diarrhetic for me and from what I’ve heard, for the vast majority of us. L-Carnitine never did diddly squat for me, and who wants to take an appetite suppressant when we need to eat to survive, and huger is part of that equation?

Pre workout fat burners I LOVE and here’s why- Thermogenics increase your heart rate during training, encouraging your body to burn more calories, and raising your metabolic rate to a serious degree.
They use caffeine and other ingredients to do this and are perfectly safe to take.
I get the best results on Thermogenics and I am more than happy to sell them.
HOWEVER, if you don’t train and or your diet isn’t on point, don’t bother, they are not for you.


I take these pre and sometimes during training to make sure I don’t go into a catabolic (muscle eating) state. These are especially good for cardio bunnies who still want to look ‘toned’.

HEALTH – Multivitamin

I take these every morning after breakfast to keep my body sweet.

RECOVERY – Protein Powder

I swear by shakes post workout because I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth, I train a lot so I need a lot of protein, the macro count in this particular shake is a DREAM and because it’s quick and easy.

Chloe Madeley Trains The Mum Club

Hello Mum Club readers!

So I suppose I should introduce myself and explain a little why a childless shrew like myself has infiltrated The Mum Club for a day!

I’m Chloe, and I run a health and fitness site called

I’m a qualified PT and nutritionist with a few clients, a couple of workout apps and a supplement range.

I first met Jess and Lauren two years ago now, at my very first Six Nations game.

Jess was heavily pregnant with her second child, patiently listening to my drunken rambling, while Lauren was sinking the free wine at her respective table.

Needless to say I immediately liked them both and today, they have asked me to train them in their local park!

It goes without saying that a lot of women, new mums especially, find it very hard to get to the gym or even afford a membership.

Even as a PT who pimps out weight lifting like it’s water, please believe me when I say that you DO NOT NEED A GYM to get in killer shape.

All you ever need is your body, a little space, and ideally the right trainers – shin splints and sore joints will kick you’re a** – trust me, I know.

So, onto the workout session…

Yes, there are a few rules that come with training during pregnancy, but no, it is not bad for your body or your child, in fact it’s the opposite.

Training while pregnant will manage your weight gain, ease your labour and help you get back into shape quicker once you’ve given birth.


Women’s Fitness Ask Some Questions About the Rise of Fitness Technology…

-Fitness has become incredibly popular in the last few years. Do you think fitness tech has influenced this, or vice versa?
I think the rise of social media, being able to document aesthetic journeys, workouts, food and meal ideas, had lead to a rise in knowledge and understanding of fitness.
Apps are ideal for people who want to learn how to train or eat according to their aesthetic goals as they are so visual and easy to follow and use.

-How do you think tech has changed the way people view exercise?
I think it’s made it less boring thanks to the word heavy advice of the past, and more exciting thanks to the visual stimulation technology allows.

-Do you think it has changed the type of workouts people do? If so, how?
I am someone who has completely changed my fitness goals and training largely thanks to social media.
Women used to think cardio was the answer to all their body problems, but now they are increasingly aware that resistance training such as circuits or weight lifting are not only more fun, but more effective also.

-What kind of people do you think fitness tech has influenced the most?
I think women have been somewhat enlightened by the training options technology now offers.
There was a time when women were rarely in the weights section of the gym or felt at a loss as to how to change the shape and composition of their bodies. Technology has changed that.

-In what ways do you predict it will affect the fitness industry in the next few years?
I think apps will become more common place in terms of training, replacing PTs and fitness books.
They’re cheap, easy to use, visual and allow people to work where they want, when they want, effectively.