12 Week Fat Loss Plan

First of all, I want to say BRAVO to the girls in the above image, Caroline and Abbie, who gave and are giving 100% to the 12 week fat loss plan and look absolutely incredible for it.

I say this in the download itself and I want to reiterate it here – the plan will ONLY WORK if you are 100% committed to the diet and training involved. If you decide to take a day off and eat whatever you like, miss a day of training or train within your comfort zone, the plan will not get you as far as you want to go, if anywhere at all.

Body transformation works when the subject is committed to the cause, does everything the PT tells them to do, and does it with every fibre of their being.

It’s NOT a prison sentence! It’s 12 weeks of 100% effort, so give it that!

When I need to shed fat, you better believe I’m up every morning doing fasted cardio, in the gym every evening lifting weights, pushing myself with every workout and monitoring every morsel of food that goes into my mouth.

Within 2 weeks of relaxing the above, I lose my abs completely.

The thing is, and I say this time and time again on this site, aesthetic results take HARD ass work and a hell of a lot of sacrifice.

You CAN maintain abs and a low body fat, of course you can, but to be honest it’s not entirely healthy to never give yourself a few days off – certainly in terms of training – and women in particular need to monitor how low their body fat drops in order to avoid fertility problems.

The 12 week plan is a 12 week plan for a reason. I have had clients do it for 20 weeks at a time and of course they have seen incredible results, but by that 20 week mark, I order them to take a week off and think about gaining muscle as the next step.

If you have achieved amazing results through the plan, please email or social media your progress pictures over to me. If you are intimidated to give 100% for 12 weeks, don’t be. 12 weeks is not years, and if you’ve always wanted to change your body, it WILL work.

Good luck to all my Fat Loss Fondues! IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN!


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