12 Weeks Deep


Hello Fondues!

So I am officially 12.5 weeks into my new ‘prep’, and I am still sitting at 130lbs, down only 4lbs in 12 weeks.

However, my body looks completely different than it did 12 weeks ago – even 2 weeks ago – and I am amazed at how little the scales have dropped in comparison with how drastically my reflection has changed.

I don’t know if I can drop as low as I have in previous preps (125lbs), due to the amount of muscle I have managed to build after 5 years of almost daily training, but I suppose I will find out in the coming weeks!

Shoot 1 is officially done and I cannot wait to show you guys the photos!

Shoot 2 is next week, and shoot 3 is mid December.

I know a lot of you are waiting for my book, The 4 Week Body Blitz, to drop on December 28th.

You can preorder it on Amazon now if you follow the link on the right hand side of the page.

The 4 Week Body Blitz is a full diet and training guide laid out for you to follow over the course of 4 weeks, guaranteeing results if you follow it to a T.

It includes recipes and at home training, as well as a food bible and plenty of tips and advice on how to change your body.

My new download, The Fitness Fondue Food Philosophy, launches today at 12pm.

This download is a dietary guide that talks you through how to change your body with food. Whether your goals is muscle building, fat shedding or maintenance, all 3 goals are catered to in this download.

There are tons of intros, explanations, tips and advice, all leading into food bibles, calorie and macro calculations (simplified) and 30 recipes that are all categorised per goal.

I have been working on this download since September and I am extremely proud of each and ever word in its 58 pages!

I have kept the design as simple as possible so it doesn’t mess around with the flow of the advice, so it is extremely easy to implement.

I hope you guys give it a read and find it helpful when it comes to changing your diet in the ways you personally need it to.