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Holiday Advice

Hello again Fondues, it’s been a minute!

As most of you will know, I tend to have bursts of content on FF followed by weeks of radio silence.

This is usually because I’m either on holiday, or work has gotten a little hectic…

Between training myself 6 days a week, training clients 7 days a week, photoshoots, writing books, writing articles and writing downloads, writing blogs can sometimes feel like I am gladly walking into the ninth circle of hell.

Needless to say, I avoid it!

However, the next few weeks should see some more-than-usual quiet time for me, so I will be uploading content as often as I can.

The first thing I wanted to share with you was an online client check in I had this weekend…

This client, who I wont name for privacy reasons, came to me 8 weeks ago.

She knew how to track calories and macros on MyFitnessPal, and she knew how to lift weights,  yet she was struggling to train and diet effectively, if at all.

In short, she was a dream client – she had the foundation of knowledge, but she was a blank canvas.

She is currently 8 weeks into the plan I wrote for her and has already lost a significant amount of weight and inches, only having 1 day off plan so far for her birthday.

The reason I wanted to share the below with you is because this client is about to go on holiday.

I know this will apply to many of you in the following months, so I wanted you to be able to read some of my advice as an online coach.

We talked about diet breaks, training and tracking over a few emails before settling on the below…

I totally understand that you want to stay on diet while you’re away, and the beauty of tracking is that you will probably find if you are good from breakfast through to lunch, you will feel more comfortable during the day and have more room to play with at dinner…

For me personally, when I stay on track on holiday, I usually start the day with yoghurt and / or eggs for breakfast, usually a chicken salad and maybe a glass of wine at lunch, which brings me out at roughly 500kcals.
By dinner, a starter of prawns, a main of fish with a side of rice and another glass of wine will bring me up to roughly 1000kcals.
That’s when I will usually decide on a little more wine, or share a dessert with my fiancé, or both depending on my numbers.
However, you know what structure works best for YOU, so I encourage you to make this as easy as possible on yourself.

Re your ‘no gym’ and ‘small pool’ training dilemma, here’s some ideas for you:

1. Because of the reduction in training (weight lifting / hypertrophy) on holiday, I want you to increase your cardio from 20minutes to 30minutes a session.
This added 10minutes will make up for some of the caloric burn being lost without weight training.
Keeping your calorie intake and expenditure roughly the same will ensure you stay on track.

2. FAT LOSS APP – I know you have my Wieghts4Women app, but definitely download my 15 Minute Fat Loss app if you want to train on holiday without any equipment.
This will see you using your muscle and cardiovascular systems for 15 minutes a pop.
You could do 2x circuits (30minutes total) in the morning before breakfast, anywhere inside or outdoors.

3. POOL – Even in the smallest of pools, if you try to do an entire length underwater, you will soon start blowing (aka, ideal cardio zone!).
So, a good idea would be to gently warm up for a couple of lengths, and then try to do an entire length underwater.
Come up for air as soon as you need to, and go back into a gentle swim until you are fully recovered.
Repeat this process for 30minutes total.
This will really challenge you, AND swimming is a great way to use every muscle in your body in a very gentle way.

4. HILL WALKS – A great idea!
If you do this, again, get up a bit earlier and knock out 30 mins before breakfast.

Feel free to do a mix of all of the above!

Don’t be scared to take a rest day if you need one.

Lastly, the reason I say get it done before breakfast is so you can really relax during the day, and enjoy your holiday to the max.