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The 4 Week Body Blitz – The Reverse

Hello Fondues!

Many of you are currently following The 4-Week Body Blitz and many of you are asking what to do when it’s all said and done.

There is a chapter on this at the back of the book, so make sure you give it a read!

However, for those of you searching for more answers…

  • Yes, you can continue on with the blitz, up to 12 weeks if you want – You can carry on into week 5, 6, 10, 12 if you really want to, but I do not recommend going beyond 12 weeks. This is because the diet is both a carb cycle and a calorie deficit, and if you spend too much time in this pattern, your hormones will start to drop and your body will stop responding. Remember that your body WANTS to stay in homeostasis (maintenance), and it will fight you to stay there. The plan will be effective up to 12 weeks, absolutely, but then it is time to start to think about ‘normalising’ your diet so that you can do there plan all over again in a few weeks or months, to the same effect.


  • When you decide you are done with the plan, you can immediately have a full rest and cheat day if you want to, but keep this to ONE DAY maximum – Yes, you can absolutely take a full rest and cheat day, but you don’t want to fall fully off the wagon for days on end, because your body will get very excited by the influx of food and the taming of activity, and it will store store store away. One day is enough.


  • From this point on, you can have a full rest and cheat day at the end of every week – I say this in the back of the book but I will say it here too, feel free to have a full rest and cheat day once a week, but be aware that the more this starts to slip, the more your results will, too.


  • When you have had your first full rest and cheat day (if you chose to have it), you must then revert back to week 1 of The Blitz – By going back to week 1, you are immediately knocking 1 day off your training, 10 minutes off your training time, and 1 day off your carb cycle. These changes are small, but your body will notice them even if you don’t. This is going to help your body come back to homeostasis WITHOUT gaining.


  • Once you have completed week 1 of The Blitz, it is time to start reintroducing carbohydrates into your post training meals – Once week 1 is done, start having high protein and high carb meals post training.


  • Once week 1 is done, you may perform any kind of workouts you like (spin / PT / weights / etc) , but please keep training 4 days a week minimum, 6 days maximum – Once week 1 is done, feel free to break away from the circuits and start training however you prefer, but please be aware that drastically reducing exercise is going to drastically reduce your results. 4 days weekly, minimum.


  • After a week of post training carbs, you can start to reintroduce carbs into another meal or snack each day – As the weeks progress, start to reintroduce carbohydrates back into each of your daily meals, slowly slowly, until you are having balanced meals throughout the day.


  • Try to maintain the above for at least a few weeks before starting the blitz again – If you know you will want to do the blitz again down the line, you do need to implement all of the above first, and continue on like that for at least a few weeks. You need to give your body a break, before you start to push it again.


I will be continuing to talk about this on my social media so do please follow me there (@madeleychloe).

Until then, here’s to more results on The Blitz!