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The 4 Week Body Blitz V The Food Philosophy Guide

Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting a lot of questions about The Blitz (my book) and The Food Philosophy (my download).

When I wrote the book, I took weeks to think on it before I wrote a single word.

What I wanted to do, what I always want to do, is give people the formula to calculate their own specific calories and macros for their own specific goals. I want to tell everyone who will listen to download MyFitnessPal and start tracking their food intake. The reason I want to do this, is because it will ensure that everyone gets the best results possible, in the least restrictive way possible.

You learn that a bowl of oats has 20g carbs, but so does a bread roll, so you can switch one for another. You learn that a bowl of granola has 80g carbs, so probably best to have quadruple the oats throughout the day instead. You learn that you can be strict all day in order to enjoy your night out, and still get the same results.

So why don’t calorie and macro equations and calculations feature in the book? Because the fact of the matter is, most people do not want to weigh, scan and track every morsel of food that they put in their mouth.

When one door shuts another door opens – so with tracking, while you may be saying goodbye to restrictive eating, you say hello to a huge learning curve that takes weeks to master and can even make people enjoy food less because they are so preoccupied with numbers.

I decided that no, I would write a meal plan, which may be much stricter to follow, but much easier to follow also.

In my 5 years of PTing, both face-to-face and online, the amount of people who have asked me for food bibles and recipe guides far outweighs the minority that have asked for calories and macros.

So the book is stricter, yes, but does it work? Yes.

If after a few weeks and or months of The Blitz, you are looking to expand your knowledge and understanding of food, that is when I recommend graduating to The Food Philosophy.

The Philosophy still gives you examples of foods and recipes that will help you hit your numbers, but in tracking, you will naturally progress and graduate towards your own understanding and enjoyment of meals.

Meal plans Vs IIFYM … I think learn to be strict first, before learning to be flexible later.