About Us


Fitness Fondue is run by Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Chloe Madeley.

Chloe is a free lance journalist and qualified fitness professional who became a fanatic after she transformed her body through weight lifting. Since then,  she has made it her mission to inform and support those wanting to improve their physique – hence the birth of Fitness Fondue…

This sticky corner of cyber space was created just for you!

The aim is to inform, inspire, motivate and support everyone and anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals. FF wants you to know that it is possible and it is sustainable, and we will remind you of that on a daily basis.

Thanks for checking in, and remember FITNESS Fondue is a one stop spot for all your fitness needs.


If you have any questions regarding the website, or a purchase you have made, please contact us at info@fitnessfondue.com.