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The Fat Loss Blitz – The Active Plan

My next book, The Fat Loss Blitz (link in side bar ->) is split into 3 separate sections:

  1. The Sedentary Plan
  2. The Active Plan
  3. The Gym Plan

I recently talked about The Sedentary Plan (see below), but today I want to talk about The Active Plan…

The Active Plan is for those of you who enjoy exercise but aren’t fully committed to any sort of training plan.

It is for those of you who enjoy the odd gym class, weekly run or routine PT session, but want to implement a little more structure and get some REAL results.

My first book, The 4 Week Body Blitz, was a huge success with my Active following…

The circuits could be done at home or in the gym, alone or with friends, and got both your cardiovascular and resistance training done in one fell swoop.

However, my active followers were also full of questions…

Can I do my Tuesday spin class instead of Tuesday’s circuit?

Can I replace a circuit with a PT session?

I play sports on the weekends, how does that fit in with the plan?

As their namesake would suggest, my active followers were very active!

So in my next book, The Fat Loss Blitz, I have made sure to leave some room for my Active readers to manoeuvre…

Circuits can be replaced with certain gym classes or PT sessions, however I instruct workout times and days that must be adhered to in order to stay on track and see great results each week.

There is also a gym plan, so if my active followers would like to progress from circuits to full blown weight lifting and cardio splits, they can progress to this level as and when they choose.

Like The Sedentary Plan and The Gym Plan, The Active Plan has it’s own specific diet that goes hand in hand with the training to guarantee amazing results…

The foundation of the diet is a food bible for you to choose your protein, carbohydrate and fat options from. This food bible is far more extensive than The 4 Week Body Blitz bible was. There is also a recipes guide for you to choose your daily meals from, should you so wish.

Specific dietary instructions (re carb meals, fat meals and re-feed days) are laid out for you in your own specific plan, these dietary instructions change depending on which of the 3 plans you choose to follow.

I suspect The Active Plan will be the most followed of the 3 plans, so I really tried to cater to every corner of this audience!

The Fat Loss Blitz can be followed for up to 24 weeks total, so there is more than enough time to feel it out, decide which plan best works for you, and get the results that have been escaping you for so long.

The Fat Loss Blitz – The Sedentary Plan

My next book, The Fat Loss Blitz (link in side bar ->) is split into 3 separate sections:

  1. The Sedentary Plan
  2. The Active Plan
  3. The Gym Plan

Today I want to talk about The Sedentary Plan…

When I released my first book, The 4 Week Body Blitz, it seemed to strike a perfect chord with just over 1/3rd of my audience…

People who were active, who enjoyed the odd workout session and who wanted to see great results, really thrived with T4WBB.

However, for the 2 polar ends of the spectrum, the inactive and / or the gym bunnies, I received many requests for my next book…

Can you write something for those of us who can’t do a burpee?

How do I get my fitness up so I can actually do these circuits?

Can I do the diet and skip the circuits?

These questions and requests are what lead me to split TFLB into 3 sections, to cater to my 3 different audiences.

The Sedentary Plan is for those of you who are unfit, inactive, out of shape, unsure, and slightly terrified of starting something called The Fat Loss Blitz.

First and foremost, let me assure you that we have all been there. Believe me when I say that everyone starts somewhere, whether it’s the skinny guy at the gym trying to gain the weight, or the bigger girl on the bike trying to shed the weight, nobody just falls into aesthetic shape…well, most of us don’t anyway.

We all have to take the baby steps to even get to the place where we can realistically chase our goals full throttle.

The Sedentary Plan includes a 4 week diet plan that does not instruct anything too advanced like a carb cycle, it is simply a calorie deficit diet, with structured carbohydrate, fat and protein based meals. There is an extensive Food Bible for you to build your own meals from, or a Recipe Guide for you to choose your meals from. You can even mix and match the two if you like.

The Sedentary Plan also includes a weekly workout guide that does not instruct anything you won’t be able to do if starting from a place of obesity or cardiovascular ground. There are tons of options when it comes to getting to a place of physical fitness, and all of these options are listed in the plan, alongside minutes and days you are required to move.

Once you have completed The Sedentary Plan, it is completely your choice as to whether you continue on with it, or move on to The Active Plan.

The Fat Loss Blitz can be followed for up to 24 weeks (6 months total), which will give you more than enough time to feel your way, and get those dream results that have been escaping you for so long.

OK! Ask some Health and Fitness Questions…

What sparked your passion for fitness?

My ex boyfriend was a Personal Trainer and I was working as a Junior Researcher in TV when I met him. Working in TV you often get a few weeks off between jobs, and he asked if he could train me in that time as he was trying to get more female clients. I begrudgingly said yes, but as soon as he put an Olympic Bar on my back I was IN. I fell madly in love with it from day one.

You obviously have a huge social media following – how important do you feel it is for you to portray a positive body image to the ones for example that follow you on Instagram?

I feel the most important thing for ANYONE with a big following is just to be honest. I hate these girls who are genetically blessed or ill informed telling thousands of girls how to take care of their bodies or get results. I try really hard to take on new clients constantly so I always have direct relationships with my audience and trial and error experiences as a PT. I also make a point to be honest with every step – I am not ALWAYS in aesthetic shape, and if I were, my life would full of sacrifice and void of any spontaneity.

When it comes to diet and food is it true you count calories?

I personally do yes. It baffles me that being aware of calorie intake (food) and calorie output (exercise) gets a bad rap when it’s plain and simple science. If you eat too much and / or move too little you will gain weight and be unfit and unhealthy. That being said, not EVERYBODY needs to count calories, a meal plan will work just as well, which is what all my books instruct via a food bible and recipes guide.

What are your thoughts on carbs – are they the enemy or do you believe a little of everything is fine? 

Of course not. Each macronutrient (protein, fats and carbs) has a place in your diet and a benefit to your body. I personally recommend carbs pre and post exercise for energy and recovery, the rest of the time fats should be your energy nutrient. Protein should be constant. However, if I have a client who has any dietary diseases or health problems, I usually recommend a ketogenic (majority fats) diet.

Would you say fitness rules your life?

No, I would say I rule my life. Health and fitness is my passion, my job and my hobby. However, even though I train 6 days a week, I definitely don’t diet year round and I don’t try to LOOK in shape year round, either. I have a very good relationship with my body.

I have read you suffer from anxiety – how do you believe exercise plays a part in combating that?

For me, anxiety happens when my cortisol (stress hormone) levels increase. It can happen gradually over the course of a few days, or quite suddenly. Exercising helps equal out the balance of adrenaline and cortisol within the body and keep both in check, which has helped with dramatically with my anxiety.

That being said, OVER exercising can push you the other way, so you do need to have an exercise / rest balance that works well for you and your life.

James is obviously super fit. How different has it been for you dating an athlete over anyone else?

Dating an athlete is fascinating. I have learned so much from him and I think he has learned a lot from me, too. We actually have a really good balance in that I sort of specialise in dietary requirements and he far better understands the different training zones. We are definitely a good match in this respect!

Please tell us……do you ever pig out or get completely drunk or is it not worth it?

Yes of course! I train 6 days a week most weeks, because I love training and it is very good for me mentally. However, I am not always on a diet by any means. I eat healthy most of the time to help my body best recover from training, but if I don’t have a photoshoot, I am not restrictive in any way and I will often sink a bottle of wine with James or eat an entire tub of ice cream on my own.

Why do you think your books have such a fantastic success rate when so many others fail?

I think it helps that I’m qualified and I have been PTing for 6 years now. I think people are realising that just because somebody can change their own body does not mean they can change somebody else’s. I think above all else, my book actually gets people results in an easy to follow fashion, so that counts for everything.

I’m a 45-year-old mother of three and my biggest problem is my untoned stomach area – can you advise please on the best exercises for shifting tummy fat?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as target fat loss. When we lose fat, we lose it evenly from all over our bodies, the more stubborn areas are always the last to go.

You need to focus on fat burning, which means a calorie deficit via food intake (eat a little less than usual and see how your body responds after 2 weeks, you can repeat this if you don’t see results) and ideally some fat burning exercise (try to build some muscle as it increases your metabolic rate and overall body composition, as well as implementing some steady cardio).

What are your future plans work wise?

I have just signed on to write another 3 books, so I will be glued to my computer for the next 2 years!


Here We Go Again!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that tomorrow is Day 1 of my next fat loss phase.

My 10 weeks off have looked like this:


  • Hypertrophy (weight lifting for muscle growth) focused
  • Reduced cardio down to 10 minutes post lift (usually LISS)
  • Increased rest days from training x6 days weekly down to x4 days weekly


  • Increased calories via increased carbohydrate intake
  • Dietary freedom – Although I have still been eating healthy every day, dietary treats such as alcohol and dessert have happened often

I should probably stay in this gaining phase for a few more weeks to be honest, but I feel both mentally and physically ready at this point.

I can see a visible change in both my muscular shape and my body fat increase.

I have gained a substantial amount of weight and have gone from a size 6 to a size 10.

Why do I implement these breaks?

Coming out of a calorie deficit and allowing your body to regain some fat has huge hormonal and metabolic benefits. Not to mention the mental and social benefits of more dietary freedom and spontaneity.

Coming out of a calorie deficit and allowing your body to gain some muscle mass again has great metabolic benefits, and will improve your aesthetic results down the line.

The first 2 weeks of my fat loss phase will look like this:


  • Continued hypertrophy (weight lifting for muscle growth) focus
  • Increased cardio from 10 minutes post lift to 15 minutes post lift (LISS / MISS / HIIT varied)
  • Decreased rest days from training x4 days weekly up to x5 days weekly


  • Slightly decreased calories via slightly decreased carbohydrate intake
  • Less dietary freedom – Dietary treats such as alcohol and dessert will not make an appearance until a I have made significant progress, and will only occur on a refeed day if at all

If you are interested in learning how to track calories and macros, and manipulate both for your goals, The Food Philosophy Guide at the top of this page will teach you how.

Alternatively, my next book, The Fat Loss Blitz, is now available for pre order on AMAZON:

Do I Need to Track Calories and Macros?

My followers sometimes get confused because even though I personally track my daily calories and macros on MyFitnessPal, my books do not use this specific form of dieting…

Instead, my books instruct:

  1. A clean diet (healthy eating and calorie control)
  2. Specific portion sizes and recipe suggestions (calorie control)
  3. High protein, high fibre, moderate fat, carb cycled meals (macro manipulation)

Essentially, my books are all meal plans created to get you results without you having to overthink anything.

Why have I given you something different to what I do?

Because weighing out your food and tracking your daily calorie and macro intake is not for the faint of heart. Initially, it is very time consuming, very hard, and not at all fun.

Eventually, it does become second nature, but this can take a few weeks or even months of trial, error and all consuming food preoccupation.

In short, I do not recommend it to most people.

So what do you need to do if you want to lose fat but you don’t want to track?

  1. Eat clean foods for health and (with the exception of excessive fats like nut butters etc) lower calorie foods
  2. Eat smaller portions to ensure you are not in a calorie surplus throughout the day / week
  3. Focus on having protein and veg in every meal, but time your carbs pre and post training, replacing them with fats the rest of the time

These simple rules will work WITHOUT you having to drive yourself mad.

Always remember that just because one person is doing one thing, does not mean that it will work for you.

Tracking works for me, but most of my clients would throw in the towel within a few days.

Juicing may work for some, but I can safely say I will never do it (unless an external factor like illness forces me to).

Atkins will work for many, but if you lift heavy and train hard, I recommend you always find a way to fit carb bumps into your week.

Dieting…a million and one options…only one you.


*if you are interested in learning about tracking, download The Food Philosophy Guide at the top of this page*