Author Mitchell Finlay

12 Week Body Transformation Guide

Welcome to my BRAND NEW 12 Week Body Transformation Guide.

This guide caters separately to both those who want to gain muscle, and those who want to lose fat.

With diet and exercise, you can visibly change your body in 4 weeks. You can achieve body transformation in 8.

But if you are 100% consistent for a full 12 weeks, what you can do to your body is nothing short of phenomenal.

This plan is going to take you through the 3 essentials of changing your body over a 12 week period:

CHAPTER 1 – Diet

CHAPTER 2 – Fat Burning / Cardio

CHAPTER 3 – Resistance Training

The final step is the most important, and it is up to YOU and you alone to achieve:


If you actually want this plan to WORK, you have to be 100% CONSISTENT until your very last day.

I have created this guide for those of you who have asked for a new and updated 12 Week Plan, and for those of you who are not interested in or able to download my current apps / iBook.

This plan is structured and laid out to create an easy to follow 12 Week Body Transformation Guide, whatever your goal.

The first and most important step in changing your body is changing your diet, so that is exactly where we’re going to start…

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12 Week Fat Loss Plan

Introducing the Fitness Fondue 12 Week Fat Loss Diet download.

This plan is designed to push your body to shed fat through diet and exercise over a 12 week period.

It includes both gym and none gym workout routines (although if you ARE a member of a gym or CAN become one, I highly recommend gym training), and a menu of daily food choices and food measurements.

It does NOT include specific calorie counts or macro splits, as both are 100% subjective and are formed on an individual’s height, weight, age and training using the Harris Benedict Formula.

HOWEVER, the diet plan is 100% clean, low calorie, structured around training and measured out for both male and female buyers.

The plan will have you resistance training (to maintain lean muscle) and performing HIIT cardio (to burn fat), 5 days a week, with the option to train on the 6th.

You must always have 1 full rest day each week.

Please do not think that you will see results by giving 50%.

You will ONLY see results if you give this plan 100%, day in, day out, for the full 12 weeks.

Remember that this is ONLY 12 weeks of 100% effort. It is not a prison sentence.

Food is not going anywhere, so be strong, and you can still have the odd cheat meal and weekly rest days are also required.

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