Hello Fondues!

So those of you who follow me on social media will know that I haven’t been overly present on FF recently, due to the fact that I’m writing my first book!

It’s not a download or an iBook, it’s a real life book, book!

It’s incredibly fun and exciting for me to write something brand spanking new, that I truly believe will get people serious results.

It will include a 4 week workout plan that you can do at home OR in the gym, a weekly diet plan, and as I know A LOT of you are in desperate need of…RECIPES!

Lots and LOTS of recipes!

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Week 2, Post Holiday Blues

Hello Fondues!

For 11 days solid now I have woken up every morning for 15-20 minutes of fasted cardio at home (circuits or treadmill), followed by lunch time weight lifting sessions at the gym.

I always focus on a different muscle group or 2 per session:

  • Legs/glutes
  • Back/arms
  • Shoulders/abs

This allows me to hit every muscle group twice a week.

My sets and reps always differ:

  • Sometimes 3/8 HEAVY
  • Sometimes 4/12-15 to exhaustion
  • Sometimes pyramid sets

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Post Holiday Blues

Hello lovely Fondues!

I apologise for being off the radar for a couple of weeks now.

The last time I posted I was about 3 weeks into my reverse diet and training regime.

After spending 9 weeks progressively increasing my workout times and intensity, while decreasing my dietary intake, I was eventually in a deficit followed by depletion.

I was incredibly lean when I decided to slowly work my way back up to maintenance levels, in order to keep my metabolism in check and keep my body progressing in the long run.

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Current State

2.5 weeks into reversing and I’m still adding calories and decreasing cardio weekly.

Because I get up early every day and get my training done, that part of what I do is always stable.

My reverse diet is also stable…however I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had more than 1 slip up in the last few days.

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Reversing – Week 2

I am now 1 full week of reverse dieting and training down, confidently heading into week 2.

After my 9 week prep of slowly increasing cardio and decreasing calories and carb / fat macros, it’s time to slowly reverse the process.

Often when I come off a prep I find myself on holiday, balls deep in food and booze for a solid 2 weeks, so you can imagine the damage I do.

However, this time, I’m home, still wanting to train daily, and unless it’s a celebratory event, I don’t really have an excuse to fall off the diet wagon.

Last week I…

  • Reduced my cardio by -5 minutes
  • Increased my calories by +100
  • Increased my carb and fat macros by +5%
  • Had Saturday night + Sunday to enjoy all the things I’ve missed out on over the last 9 weeks (drinking with friends, eating with family, and not counting a single calorie or macro)

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