For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you saw this rant coming a mile off…

Earlier today I received a few Tweets from a man who seemed to be of the opinion that I shouldn’t be offering fitness advice because when I was in Austria (working my soaking wet socks off), I indulged in some Apres Ski activity. How, he mused, could I POSSIBLY dish out the fitness spiel, if I didn’t LIVE for it 24/7?

Well, here is how…

From day 1, I have ALWAYS been 100% upfront and honest about MY personal approach to health and fitness. I like to knuckle down, eat clean as a whistle, train hard as an ox, feel amazing and see exactly what my body is capable of for a few months at a time.


I love training. It is the BEST part of my day and I honestly cannot go more than 2 days without it before I start to get squirmy. I love eating clean, waking up in the morning and actually feeling AWAKE. Clear skin, deep sleeps, energetic days.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, I love the feeling of self control, accomplishment and VISIBLE reward that comes with aesthetic results.

I love getting PBs at the gym and throwing a weight above my head when my favourite song drops.

In finding health and fitness, I have found what I want to do with my life, and I feel immensely lucky.

HOWEVER, I also love the other aspects my life. My friends, my family, travelling, reading, watching movies, eating chocolate popcorn and scoffing a KFC family meal deal all to myself.

I like to take a week or two off and go back to frivolity every now and then, eat whatever I want whenever I want and enjoy the social life that I have spent the last few months controlling beyond measure.

Why? Because I love drinking wine with friends and family. I love eating cake in cafes with my boyfriend. I love it when I see macaroni cheese on a menu. I love celebratory chocolate – Santas, Easter eggs, massive round discs that say HAPPY BIRTHDAY in white icing. I love MASSIVE pizzas. I love lying in bed for an entire weekend watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while dunking biscuits into my tea…

You get the point.

YES, of course it is much easier and much more sustainable if you make it a permanent lifestyle change – but I honestly feel that I have done that. Just because I have a week off here and there, does not mean I am some fair-weather fitness phoney.

I said this in my Instagram post and I’ll say it again here…

The meaning of the term health and fitness encompasses mental health, physical health, medical health and emotional health. If you can only tick the physical box, you cannot claim to be fit and healthy.

Be happy. Be healthy. Eat well. Move your body. Take care of your body. Take care of your brain. Take care of you.

JHBODYFIRE.COM asks some questions…

When it comes to muscle building, I consider myself more than capable of training both men and women alike. Hypertrophy training (muscle building) is what kickstarted my own obsession with health and fitness, and anyone who knows me will tell you it’s sort of my specialist subject.

However, looking at athletes such as James Haskell, there are clearly some tricks that I have been missing. So, I bombard him with questions, and in exchange let him interview me for his own health and fitness website

Watch the video below and take a look at his site if he got what you want… Ask Some Questions

How do you stay so motivated? What drives you?

My results drive me. When I commit 100% to my diet and training my results take shape after a couple of weeks, and it just pushes me to keep going. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely times when I fall off, but those times are becoming less frequent and less problematic as my body changes over time.

If you had to choose only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

Walking weighted lunges because they hit my entire lower body and are a great form of cardio, weighted V sits because they tear my core to shreds and pull ups because they are a serious compound exercise that hit a lot of the upper body.

What is your favourite form of cardio?

I tend to do plyometrics or HIIT because it’s intense and passes a hell of a lot quicker than steady state. Cardio sucks ass though, there’s no 2 ways about it!

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the fitness industry?

Being able to move my personal training 100% online, which I’ve managed to do this month, and was always the goal from day 1! Not very exciting but I’m thrilled about it haha!

Someone told me yesterday that I have made weight lifting a little less stigmatised in terms of it not being feminine, which is cool.


See the full interview here

Frequently Asked Questions

As a personal trainer and obsessive ‘selfie’ taker, I get asked A LOT of questions about diet, training, supplements and body transformation.

Listed below are some of my most commonly asked questions, and the answers that I personally find to be true and the most effective…

  • How much cardio should I do? 

This is totally dependant on your goal. If your goal is to gain muscle, 1-2 sessions a week is enough. If you’re trying to shed fat, 4-5 sessions a week. For both goals, try and do your cardio for 20-30 minutes. Also, try and do fasted in the morning (before breakfast) so you can separate it wholly from any weight training you might have. And lastly, HIIT is going to be much more effective for both goals than steady state cardio (long runs, jogs etc).

  • I do lots of cardio but still don’t look toned?

That’s because cardio will burn calories and keep you fit, but it will not grow muscle or even encourage muscle maintenance. If you want that ‘toned’ look, YOU HAVE TO LIFT WEIGHTS!

  • If I lift weights, I’ll get bulky…

NO YOU WON’T! It takes YEARS of HEAVY WEIGHT LIFTING to gain muscle mass! Again, if you want to get ‘toned’, YOU HAVE TO LIFT WEIGHTS!

  • Should I cut out carbs?

NO! You need to assess WHAT carbs you eat and WHEN you eat them. So, first rule, STICK TO CLEAN CARBS! I’m talking fruit, veg, sweet potato and wholegrains like oats and brown rice. If your goal is fat loss, have your starchy carbs in the morning so you have a good energy release throughout the day / during training, and again post workout so you can feed muscle. If your goal is muscle gain, you need to be very liberal and generous with your carb intake!

  • I’m addicted to chocolate and bread so I can’t stick to a diet! What do I do?

Erm…we are all addicted to bread and chocolate. Everyone wants to eat a mountain of chocolate, cake, bread and pasta when they’ve gone a day without it. It’s normal. HOWEVER, if you want the body, you HAVE to sacrifice for it. It really is that simple. There’s no magic trick, no way around it, you have to eat on point to get aesthetic results. Remember, 1 cheat night a week is going to give you a window for chocolate / bread, so use it. Also remember that after week 3, the diet becomes second nature, you just have to get to that point. DO NOT GIVE UP – IT WILL GET EASIER!

  • I eat clean and train hard during the week and I still don’t see results!

The ‘weekend off’ is going to take away all the progress you made in the week. Think about it, you eat spotlessly Monday-Friday, train every day and feel great, you feel like you’re a week or 2 away from actually SEEING changes. Then Friday night rolls around and you drink a bottle of wine, order a takeaway, and eat that chocolate bar that’s been in the cupboard all week. Saturday morning comes and you go for a fry up before hitting the pub for a few beers. You go for dinner with friends and on Sunday you feel pants so you eat toast and biscuits in your pyjamas all day…now tell me, do you think you will get results by doing this every week? No.

  • How many days a week should I train?

If your diet is spotless, you can get away with training 3 days a week, hitting 2 body parts a session and doing some cardio after. However, it goes without saying that the more exercise you do, the quicker your results will come. Always ensure you have AT LEAST 1 full rest day a week though, and try to get AS MUCH SLEEP AS POSSIBLE!

  • How much is ‘too much’ on a cheat night?

Too much is too much! You already know what the answer is. Have 1 carbohydrate based meal and add A dessert and A drink if you feel the need to. That’s it. Any more and you are going overboard.

  • How long until I see results?

This depends on SO many factors. Your starting point, how committed you are to your diet and training…In my experience, clients who are 100% on point with their diet and training see results in week 4-5, clients who struggle to stick to either take longer. I personally jumped in 100% and I saw my body change in 3 weeks, but when I mess around my results come and go like the wind!

  • I’m happy with my body but I have pockets of fat on my arms / legs / stomach, how do I get rid of these?

The fitness world is somewhat divided on this topic…I personally am of the experience and opinion that it is IMPOSSIBLE to spot reduce fat. When we lose fat, we lose it evenly from all over our body, the more stubborn areas being the last to go. This is why CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

  • What supplements should I take?

If you lift weights and do resistance training, you should look into protein powders, yes. They do NOT make you bulky, they simply HELP your body to REPAIR torn muscle. Standard whey protein will do, or casein for before bed. If you don’t lift you don’t really need protein powders to be honest. Some people like pre workouts for energy, others don’t react so well to it. To be honest, a cup of coffee or a banana will do the trick just as well. Fat burners are for the VERY advanced and tend to be used for a few weeks pre competition / photo shoot, the idea that fat burners are for everybody’s everyday fat loss use is beyond misinformed and 100% WRONG. Omega oils are great for general health, fitness and well being.