Oat Banana Pancakes

When I’m really gunning for aesthetic results, my carb cycle tends to start at 3 days low, 1 day high.

Over the course of a few weeks / months, I will push it up to 4 days low, then 5, and in the final week, my high carb day will be on the 7th day. Please bare in mind that this is a slow and progressive push, and that if you train, a once weekly high carb day absolutely isn’t enough in the long run.

My high carb days are 100% clean, and are always closely monitored in terms of calories and measurements.

I tend to refeed with oats and rice cakes because I have such a sweet tooth, but any clean starches will do just fine.

Here is a great, high carb breakfast I made this weekend:


1 Serving (4 small pancakes)

70g oats (any will do but the finer the cut, the fluffier the pancake)

1/2 tsp baking powder

`70ml unsweetened almond milk

1 small egg

1 small banana


Blend all ingredients together into a fine but thick consistency

Pour into a medium heat, non-stick pan (palm sized circles)

When the sides of the pancake look solidly formed, flip


Add topping(s) of choice


Fitness Fondue Supplement Range

I often have to tell people that supplements are not magic pills. They will not miraculously change your body – only diet and exercise will do that.

However, I personally DO take supplements, daily, because if you train and your diet is on point, they will absolutely contribute to your energy levels, recovery time and your aesthetic results.

Every supplement I sell on this site I myself take daily.

FAT BURNER AND PRE WORKOUT – FIRE – Fire is a pre workout / fat burner. The reason these 2 go hand in hand is because this specific product is high in caffeine and other ingredients that will fuel your training, increase your metabolic rate and push your body to burn more calories as you workout and throughout the day thereafter.

BCAA – REPLENISH – Replenish is a BCAA, a branch chain amino acid, aka a protein. This product should be taken pre or post training to feed your muscle and ensure you don’t go into a catabolic (muscle eating) state, ensuring you will burn into fat and glycogen stores and keep your muscle in tact. I take this before every workout.

PROTEIN POWDER – RECOVERY – Recovery is our portable protein powder, just add milk or water, shake and go. It’s extremely low in carbs, fats and calories, making it ideal if you’re trying to lean up. I drink this or cook with it daily in my pre or post workout meal. It’s a great snack as well and tastes like top quality chocolate milk, which for those of us who have cut sugar, is an absolute life saver. I suggest you buy the x12 bundle as because of the size of the bottle, the postage and packaging is quite high on this product, and you want to get more bang for your buck.

MULTIVITAMIN – HEALTH – Health is our multivitamin which was my newest addition to the mix. I was getting ill consistently and as soon as I started taking it, my immune system started to sort itself out, so I added it into the mix. I suggest you take one with lunch daily like I do.

Take a look at the Fitness Fondue store to read more


Start with your DIET

Everyone always asks Where do I start?! 

Start by changing your diet.

No, I don’t mean ‘go on a diet’. I mean your dietary intake, aka the food you eat on a daily basis.

Step 1 –  Use your common sense

Takeaways should be a treat – once a week is enough.

Sweets, chocolate, ice cream, pastries, desserts should be a treat – once a week is enough.

Alcohol should be a treat – a glass of wine every few days or a night out once a week is enough.

Fatty hot drinks like vanilla lattes etc – don’t ever order syrups in your hot drink, the sugar content will skyrocket and so will the calories. Ask for skimmed or almond milk instead of whole milk and pull that fat and calorie count way down.

Fizzy drinks, fruit juice, squash – these are all FULL of sugar. Try sparkling or still water with a load of squeezed citrus juice and peal in the mix. Water doesn’t have to be boring, but your drinks don’t have to be rammed with sugar either.

Step 2 – Start to look at your food as single ingredient protein, fats and carbs

Protein – Meat, chicken, fish, eggs, tofu, Quorn, etc

Fats – Nuts, eggs, avocado, oils, cheese, etc

Carbohydrates – Rice, potato, oats, bread, etc

Step 3 – Look at your portion sizes / calories

Smaller portions = fewer calories.

Remember that calories in (food) V calories out (exercise) is the NUMBER 1 rule of changing your body.

New ‘Fire’ Ingredients

A few weeks ago, the UK GMP guidelines changed, calling for alterations to be made to the ingredients of several supplements manufactured here.

To be totally honest, I was pretty nervous when I found out about this. I started selling ‘Fire’ because I was a huge fan of the supp and the manufactures that make it. However, I am both relieved and excited to tell you that the altered ingredients are in fact better quality, and more effective.

They are more effective because of a slight increase in the caffeine quantity – thermogenics work because they use ingredients like this to raise your heart rate, boosting your metabolism and your fat burning ability.

If you are caffeine sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend taking Fire, or any other pre workout for that matter. However, if you drink tea and coffee and don’t have a negative reaction, this supplement will be totally fine for you.

I suggest starting with one capsule pre training, and a second if you’re caffeine tolerant like myself.

As well as the caffeine increase, Vitamin B has now been added in place of previous ingredients, making ‘Fire’ much more natural with less potential side effects.

Finally, Beta Alanine has been added. This is an important Amino Acid that prevents muscle fatigue during training.

I’ve been taking the new ‘Fire’ capsules for a few days now and if I’m honest, I haven’t noticed much of a difference. However, it’s nice to know the ingredients have been reviewed and improved.

Head on over to our Fitness Fondue Store (top of the homepage) if you are interested in trying the new ‘Fire’, or any other supplements.

For those of you who are nervous about supps, I write a review of the products and why I take them daily beneath each image.

0 Carb, 0 Fat, Creamy Tomato Chicken Pasta


Ingredients (per person / serving)

1 chicken breast (roughly 90-150g)

½ tin chopped tinned tomatoes (roughly 200g)

1 heaped tbs 0% Fat Greek Yoghurt (roughly 40g)

1 large courgette (roughly 100-150g)

Salt and pepper to season



Grate courgette into long strands and allow to reach room temperature

Dice chicken and cook in non-stick frying pan

Add ½ tin chopped tomatoes

Once bubbling, add 1 heaped tbs 0% Greek Yoghurt

Once bubbling, add grated courgette and stir in

Salt and pepper to season