Protein Pancakes 

Ingredients (per person / serving)

1 scoop any flavour protein powder (I use Fitness Fondue Recovery, chocolate)

1 egg

50ml almond milk (guide measurement depending on type of pancake preference)

Toppings of choice – nut butter, protein pancake batter, agave syrup, Greek yoghurt


 Whisk the protein powder and egg together in a bowl with a fork

Add a small dash (roughly 50ml) of almond milk until batter is desired consistency (for American pancakes the batter should be thick, for crepe style pancakes, slightly thinner)

Pour batter into heated non-stick pan (small circles for American pancakes, entire surface of pan for crepe style pancakes)

Allow the outside of the pancake to turn golden brown, then flip

Allow same amount of time for other side to cook

Stack pancake(s) on plate and drizzle with topping of choice


Calories; what exactly are they, why do they affect our bodies and hormones, and how can you manipulate them while maintaining optimum health?


Here is everything you need to know…


The first thing you need to understand about calories is that they are units of energy, NOT units of fat or weight.

Your body needs enough calories daily to survive at base level, to function physically, and to keep your health and hormones up to scratch.


Every single person has their own personal Basal Metabolic Rate – your BMR is the rate at which your own body burns calories.

Your BMR depends on your own weight, height, age and activity level.

You can calculate your own BMR using the Harris Benedict Equation.


Once you have calculated your BMR, you know exactly how many calories a day you should be consuming for optimum health and aesthetic maintenance.

My personal BMR is around 2100calories a day.


If you are trying to gain weight, add say 100calories to your BMR and monitor your progress.

I do this when I’m not trying to get lean for a holiday or photo-shoot, because I personally try to pack on as much muscle as possible in my down time.

I’ve actually never had to go higher than 2200calories a day in order to see results, although those who struggle to gain will have to progressively add calories over the course of a few weeks / months in order to do so.


If you are trying to lose weight, cut 100calories from your BMR and monitor your progress.

I do this when I am trying to get in the best aesthetic shape possible in the weeks before a shoot.

I’ll usually start at my BMR rate, and cut 100calories a week over the course of a few weeks.

I’ve never had to drop lower than about 1300calories a day, but again I know girls who drop down to about 1100calories daily in the weeks before competition and are absolutely able to train hard and keep their hormones in check.


Whether you decide to add calories to gain or drop calories to lose, after a few weeks / months you are going to want to consider reverse dieting.

Reverse dieting means either gradually bringing your calories back UP to your BMR, or back DOWN to your BMR.

You need to do this because your BMR is where you are going to sit healthiest in terms of your daily energy levels and hormones.


Once you understand calories and how they can change both your internal and external physique, you can start to look at macronutrients.

Macros are the nutrients your body needs in order to survive and maintain optimum health.

Specific proteins, fats and carbs are you 3 macros and how you divide your daily intake of the 3 is the next step in changing your body.



Dietary Tips and Tricks

I love what I do. I love training, I love eating healthy, and as anyone who follows me on social media will know by now, I love the results that come with both.

That being said, eating healthy 99.9% of the time definitely has its painful moments.

I am a chocolate fiend. My favorite restaurants serve long lists of pizza and pasta creations that I fantasize over almost daily. But the sad fact is, if I want to actually SEE the results of all my training, I cannot dive face first into an Easter egg stash or bowl of spaghetti. It just doesn’t work like that.

Being over three years into this now, I have learned some pretty helpful and somewhat surprising dietary tricks that just might help my fellow fitties out…

Nut Butters

Do not be fooled, your diet needs a daily dose of all kinds of fats if you want to be healthy.

Women in particular need fatty acids to regulate hormones, so don’t think you’re on track buying low fat fad foods, you’re not.

Eggs, avocados and nuts are your best bets when it comes to clean fats, but some of us need something a little more indulgent…

Every day I ‘treat’ myself to a big old heaped tablespoon of nut butter.

There are some amazing brands out there that make this sandwich spread far more interesting than just chunky or smooth. Coconut and dark chocolate chips are two of the new trends, but even the old staples are being made without palm oil or sugar nowadays, making them an ideal guilt free snack.

Nut butters, look into it.

Dark Chocolate

Another great fat for those of us with a sweet tooth.

I like to sprinkle dark chocolate chips or cocoa nibs on my porridge when those cold mornings are biting and comfort food is calling.

The darker the better, but as long as it’s not a sugar tornado, you’re on the right track.

Protein Powder

No, you don’t have to drink protein shakes if you want to get in shape, they’re just pretty helpful for those of us on a high protein, low fun diet.

I blend my chocolate protein powder (Fitness Fondue Recovery) with almond milk and ice so it’s more like a milkshake.

Alternatively, I replace flour with protein powder to make guilt free pancakes or mug cakes.

Greek Yoghurt and Agave Syrup

Greek yoghurt is FULL of protein and squeezing some agave over the top of it is going to turn this boring dairy snack into a little bowl of syrupy dessert.


Whoever realized that shredded courgette had the same texture as spaghetti needs an award, because it has changed my life.

Whenever you’re craving carbs, grate up a big old bowl of courgette, drown in a homemade tomato sauce and hey presto, you have a guilt free bowl of heart warming goodness.

Cauliflower Rice

If your homemade curry or stew needs a guilt free accompaniment, cauliflower rice or even broccoli rice is the way forward.

It has the same texture as a grain but it actually tastes better due to its slightly mustardy flavor.



I hear it time and time again…


I really enjoy exercising now, but the diet I really struggle with…

It’s so hard to eat well with the kids…

I have a really social job so I just can’t…


Truth be told, exercising is easy once you make it a habit. Training before work, or on your lunch break, or before dinner- after a while it really does become second nature and most people end up enjoying it.


But the diet? That is a different monster entirely.


First things first, if you hold tight for 3-4 weeks, your cravings really are going to diminish and it will become a lot less of struggle.


Where it gets difficult is in social situations. Birthdays, weddings, if it’s not Christmas parties it’s BBQs and if it’s not a celebration it’s the traditional family takeaway. Staying on track becomes exceedingly difficult when real life and other people have a nasty habit of getting involved.


I’m going to talk you through where you need to start, and where you should aim to end up with your diet now…


Step 1: Clean it up: First and foremost is your health. You need to swap your ready meals and junk food for clean, natural, one-ingredient foods. Chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, nuts, rice, oats etc. Clean foods are calorie dense, meaning you can eat a lot more of them and worry less. Your body can use clean foods for fuel, both for activity and its general health – so cleaning up your diet is definitely step 1 in changing your body.


Step 2: Portion sizes and calories: I’ve said this in my last couple of pieces and I’ll say it again now; losing weight is very simply about calories in V calories out. Keep the former low by reducing your portion sizes. They don’t need to be tiny, but they don’t need to be massive either. Alternatively, try tracking your calories on an app such as MyFitnessPal.


Step 3: Think about your macronutrients: There are 3 macronutrients, aka the 3 nutrients your body NEEDS for survival and overall health. The 3 macros are protein, carbs and fats. Your meals should be predominantly protein, think chicken, fish, lean mince etc. Your secondary macro is carbs, vegetables ARE a carb, not to mention fibrous, so they are pivotal. Clean starchy carbs like rice, oats or sweet potato should be had at breakfast, and pre and post workout if you train. Fats should be your last addition, have a small amount of eggs, nuts or avocado daily in your diet.


Step 4: Balance: I know this one from experience. It is extremely important to understand that yes, a healthy diet is a lifestyle change in that it’s not something you can just dip in and out of and expect results and or optimum health. It is something you need to get to grips with and put in place consistently. HOWEVER, there are going to birthdays, weddings, BBQs and work dos and you are entitled to have a few drinks, a slice of cake, a pepperoni pizza or an Easter egg every now and then. If you are healthy as a yogi all day every day, then a cheeseburger with your kids is NOT going to undo anything. Happy is healthy’s twin sister, and you have to allow for that too.



5 Foods That Save Me

As any of you who follow me on social media will know, I’m currently trying to shed fat ASAP for a mid December shoot.

This means:

  • Dropping my calories from 1800 daily down to 1500 daily (potentially down to 1400 next week but that will totally depend on my progress)
  • Upping my cardio game to 1 x 30 minute, steady state, fasted session (AM) and 1 x 20 minute, HIIT session, post weight lifting (PM)
  • Carb cycling…

I used to do a 4 day low, 1 day high carb cycle, but a few months ago I tried something different and it worked a lot better for me.

Now, when I have to cut, I slowly decrease my carb % along with my calories, down to a % that allows me to storm through green veg like Popeye and consume 1 starchy reefed meal after every weight lifting session.

The week before the shoot I won’t have any starches at all until the night before, when I will reefed and aim to fill my muscles with as much glycogen as possible so they look fuller.

Here are 5 foods that save me when I’m prepping:

  1. CAULIFLOWER RICE – In place of rice with chicken, duck, salmon or prawns, add pak choi and soy sauce. It’s amazing!
  2. COURGETTI – In place of pasta, particularly good with tuna or a homemade tomato sauce.
  3. CHOCOLATE PROTEIN POWDER – To make mug-cakes, pancakes or milkshakes with. We sell FF protein on the site so take a look at the shop banner (top of page).
  4. PEANUT BUTTER – Just a spoonful, but man alive it has come to my rescue a million times!
  5. GREEK YOGHURT AND AGAVE SYRUP – To save your sweet tooth!