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Changing Your Diet

As many of you know, I have recently uploaded a new download to FitnessFondue.

The Fitness Fondue Food Philosophy talks you through what your dietary options are in line with your goals.

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle building, or simple health and fitness, your diet should match it or you wont get very far.

It’s not a fad sound bite when you hear that results are mostly down to the right diet. They absolutely are.

The download has a food bible, tons of dietary advice per goal, and 30 recipes all categorised per goal, so you do not have to track calories or macros if you don’t want to.

However, it does also explain how to calculate your own specific macros (protein, fats and carbs) and calories in accordance with your own specific goals, and how to track them daily (MyFitnessPal app).

I’ve had a few enquiries about mental tracking methods, so for those of you crazy cats who want to track them with your noggin (and I do NOT recommend this), the calorie breakdown of macros is:

Protein – 4cals per gram

Fats – 9cals per gram

Carbs – 4cals per gram

That will be confusing to those of you who haven’t bought the plan, but will hopefully help those of you who have.

When it comes to changing your diet, here are my 5 simple steps:

  1. CLEAN IT UP – Single ingredient foods (chicken, fish, meat, eggs, nuts, oats, rice, veg, fruit) are going to give your body what it NEEDS to change. Add to that, unless you are plowing into nut butter like there’s no tomorrow, they are much more calorie light than their junk food counterparts. The odd treat is pone thing, but habitual junk food grazing WILL halt your progress. TRUST ME.
  2. PORTION CONTROL – You need to understand that calories ARE IMPORTANT. This doesn’t mean you need to track them, but it does mean you need to be mindful of how much you are eating. 1 large portion protein (chicken breast), 1 large portion veg (big salad), 1 small portion fat (1/2 avocado), 1 small portion of carbs (handful rice) – THAT is what you should be aiming for.
  3. CARBS AND FATS – Can be altered in accordance with your goals. I recommend carbs pre and post workout, fats the rest of the time.
  4. TRACKING – As I always say, you do NOT need to do this, but for those of you who are really enjoying learning about nutrition and changing your body as you go, tracking calories and macros can be highly enjoyable and have massive effects on your results. I use MyFitnessPal.
  5. HAVE A BREAK – Every week or every few weeks, take the night off. It’s important for your sanity, social life and also your results. If you are really trying to change your body with your diet, your body will start to adapt. Throw it a curveball and once the water retention has subsided, you will see your results increase. Dietary curveballs will skyrocket your hormone levels back up to their happy, fat burning levels. Do not do this more than once a week, but try not to do it less than once a month.

Happy eating!

New Download – Food Philosophy Guide