Coming Soon – NUTRITION APP!

Those of you who follow me on social media will know that in a few weeks, my nutrition app will finally be available on both Apple and Android devices.

This has taken me months to pull off, because this app is pretty substantial.

In the new app, I cover everything from clean eating, to calories, to macros, to carb cycling, to recipes.

I’ve done this so people can pick and choose exactly where they want to start, exactly what they want to do and exactly what they want to avoid.

Below is a snippet of each section, so you can decide whether or not this app is going to help you transform your own diet.

Please remember these are SNIPPETS, and that the actual app covers absolutely everything in complete detail:



This is the most important step and everyone should be doing this.

I cover clean eating in my food bible!

Step 2 is CALORIES!

I will explain how to calculate your OWN calorie count and manipulate it for your own body goals.

Step 3 is MACROS!

Macros are the 3 food groups our bodies need – PROTEIN, FATS AND CARBS.

How you split up these 3 within your calorie count is going to play that final role in changing your body.

You can calculate a good macro split for your own goals on my Macros Page.

The last thing I’m going to show you is some recipe and meal ideas.

Everything I cook for you in this app, I myself eat…almost daily!

These are all 100% CLEAN recipes.

All of them are high protein, half are low fat, half are low carb.

However, measurements can be manipulated for your own calorie and macro goals.


Below I have set out the best protein, fat and carb options for ANYONE trying to get fit and healthy, regardless of specific goals.

However, do remember that your QUANTITIES will differ depending on your OWN specific goals / calories / macros.

The ‘daily’ options (such as chicken) are your best bets.

The ‘in moderation’ options (such as steak) are slightly higher in calories or certain macros, so they need to be monitored a little closer…


So, as I said in the intro, once you’ve cleaned up the diet, calorie control is the next step in changing your body.

The rate at which we burn calories (at rest) is called our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Your BMR calculation is the number of calories you need to consume daily in order to function physically and survive.

That number will increase depending on your activity level, bringing your BMR number up to your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE).

You can change your body by manipulating this number…


So, as I said in the intro, once you’ve changed your diet and started monitoring your calorie intake, you can later start to look at your macronutrient split.

Macros are the 3 food groups our bodies need to survive – PROTEIN, FATS AND CARBOHYDRATES.

How you split up these 3 nutrients within your calorie count is going to play that final role in changing your body.

There are tons of nutritionists, dieticians, coaches, bodybuilders and academics out there who all recommend different calculations of grams of macros per LB or KG of body weight.

In my personal experience, everyone is completely different and the only way you’re going to figure out what specific macro grams work for you is by trial and error.

Protein %s rarely need playing around with.

Fats and carbs are the macros to increase / decrease / exchange in % when trying to get aesthetic results…


Now I’m going to show you some of my own favourite meals.

All of these meals include guideline measurements, helping you stick to a general clean eating and low calorie diet.

For those of you who are tracking macros, you can manipulate any measurements to fit your specific numbers.

These meals are all high protein, and either high fat, low carb – or low fat, high carb.

This means they will fit your macros whatever the weather…