The above image shows day 1 week 1, day 1 week 3, and now day 1 week 4.

WEEK 1 – 137lbs / 20.1% bf

WEEK 2 – 135.5lbs

WEEK 3 – 134.4lbs / 18% bf

WEEK 4 – 132.5lbs

A lot of you asked last week how I measure my body fat.

I only ever use callipers, as I was taught that this is the only accurate bf measurement to go by, and that machines are pants. I did actually put this to the test about 2 years ago, and was reassured that this was sound advice, but maybe improvements have been made in recent times, so I will check it out and report back.

I didn’t do my bf % this week as, like I always say, I’m actually suuuuper lazy.

If I can see my body changing and something somewhere is shifting, I can’t be bothered to spend 20 minutes pinching skin.

So I’m down on the scales and I WAS looking leaner, until this morning, when for reasons I’m sure you can figure out on your own, I woke up looking like a big bloated bouncy castle. Hence the use of yesterday’s picture.

So, for 23 days solid now I have stuck to my diet and training plan 100%.

No cheats, no unnecessary rest days (know the difference between lazy and exhaustion), straight up cardio, weights and clean eating.

As week 4 is now the halfway point, it’s time to make some minor changes to my cardio and carb cycle.

This week:

  • A.M. – fasted cardio (at home) – 25 mins circuits (see fat loss app/android) OR 25 mins incline interval sprints – (+10 mins cardio added)
  • P.M. – weights (at the gym) – different body part a day (weights4women app/android) – followed by a secondary 25 mins fat loss workout OR a secondary 25 mins incline interval sprints – (+10 mins cardio added)
  • DIET – 100% clean – 0 cheats – carb cycle – 4 days low – 1 day high – within current calorie count (+1 day low carb added)

I have an iron clad rule that IF you’re progressing in any way shape or form, you should STAY PUT with both your diet and your training.

However, I am at the half way point now, 4 weeks in, just under 4 weeks to go, and it’s a good idea for me to continue overload and progression in the second half by either changing my calories or changing my cardio.

I have upped my cardio and left my calories alone, as I know from experience that the training I do does not go so well on a super low calorie count.

I have also given my carb cycle an added day, but this is more for final week purposes than results beforehand.

If you are following my iBook / Google Book Eat Clean Get Lean and you are NOT progressing, THIS IS FINE. All it means is that you are training hard and dieting right, you just haven’t found the right numbers yet.

-10% from your TDEE or +10 minutes to your cardio and KEEP GOING!

Remember this is a long game of TRIAL AND ERROR and for that reason you need PATIENCE.

Here’s to week 4!