Day 1, Week 6

WEEK 1 – 137lbs / 20.1% bf

WEEK 2 – 135.5lbs

WEEK 3 – 134.4lbs / 18% bf

WEEK 4 – 132.5lbs

WEEK 5 – 129.9lbs

WEEK 6 – 127.6lbs (and still far too lazy to do my bf%)

So here I am after 5 solid weeks  of 24/7 dedication, with 2 more weeks to go.

My longest EVER prep was 6 weeks, so this is going to take me into new territory, if only by a little.

The interesting thing is that I normally start to go crazy with cravings by week 4, but that hasn’t happened yet.

I normally start to feel exhausted by training by week 5, but that hasn’t happened yet either. The days I’ve felt exhausted have been because of social events and or driving long distances, not because of training or diet.

So again, I want to express how hugely important my 2 month break was. I still weight trained daily (I always have progression on the brain), but cardio was minimal.

I ate clean and healthy most days, but most evenings were for wine and home cooked meals with my boy, or dinners out with my friends and family.

My body had some time to get back to NORMAL. Normal hormone levels, normal energy levels, normal sleeping patters, a long overdue calorie surplus, 10lbs of healthy weight gain and NO pushing.

My brain had time to relax, and then prepare. I enjoyed sleep, food, friends, family and training, all the while knowing a push was on the horizon, when I was ready.

So, 2 weeks left, this is when I ramp things up just a little…


Like last week, I am not changing my training. I am doing 2 lots of cardio a day (NO, you do not need to do cardio twice a day! I just like to split my cardio in 2 because I LOVE an early morning sweat session, and LOVE finishing off a weights session with a sweat, too). Weights don’t need to change, I have muscle, I work said muscle, we are all good.

However, like last week, I will change my calorie count to ramp up results and stand me in good stead for week 7.

Again like last week, I will change my carb cycle, to stand me in good stead for a gentler depletion come week 7.

So this week, my training will look like this:

A.M. – fasted cardio (at home) – 25 mins circuits (see fat loss app/12 week plan) OR 25 mins incline interval sprints – (no cardio added)

P.M. – weights (at the gym) – different body part a day (weights4women app/12 week plan) – followed by a secondary 25 mins fat loss workout OR a secondary 25 mins incline interval sprints – (no cardio added)

My diet this week will look like this:

DIET – 100% clean – 0 cheats – carb cycle – 6 days low – 1 day high (+1 day low carb added)

-10% from my current calorie count of 1,530, brining me down to 1377.

Week 6, let’s MOVE!