Day 1, Week 7

DAY 1 WEEK 1 – 137lbs / 20.1% bf

DAY 1 WEEK 2 – 135.5lbs

DAY 1 WEEK 3 – 134.4lbs / 18% bf

DAY 1 WEEK 4 – 132.5lbs

DAY 1 WEEK 5 – 129.9lbs

DAY 1 WEEK 6 – 127.6lbs

DAY 1 WEEK 7 – 126.3lbs / 14.8% bf

Sorry this update is late, I took this morning off to enjoy a longggg lazy breakfast of coffee, egg whites and mushrooms, while my boyfriend demolished French toast and maple syrup right there in front of me…

It actually wasn’t that bad because I do love a mushroom or ten.

Here I am after 6 completed weeks of daily cardio and weight lifting, having rest days when I felt my body needed them (usually 1 a week) and being my diet’s ride or die down ass bitch.

This is now my fake peak weak, as I have my first big shoot of 2017 next week…

My training won’t change for a few more days:

A.M. – fasted cardio (at home) – 25 mins circuits (see fat loss app/12 week plan) OR 25 mins incline interval sprints – (no cardio added)

P.M. – weights (at the gym) – different body part a day (weights4women app/12 week plan) – followed by a secondary 25 mins fat loss workout OR a secondary 25 mins incline interval sprints – (no cardio added)



100% clean – 0 cheats – carb cycle – carb load Tuesday (tomorrow – hallelujah)

Current calorie count 1377 (no change)

Things will start to change toward the end of this week / beginning of next, when water and carb manipulation will play a roll in getting me as tight as possible.

Until then, it’s high carb day tomorrow, GOODNIGHT FONDUES!