Day 14, 133-135lbs

Start weight – 134lbs

Current weight – 133-135lbs

Aesthetic progress – Visible

A lot of you will have read my social media post this morning, but for those of you who haven’t…

This is the perfect week for me to talk about the scales, what can affect them and why you should never take them too seriously.

Here’s the list of things I ask / tell my clients when their weigh in is a bit loco:

  1. The first and most obvious question, have you stuck to your diet 100% this week? Small cheat, medium cheat or BIG cheat, have you put anything in your pie hole that isn’t on your plan and / or that you knew / questioned at the time might not be ideal for guaranteed results?
  2. Training. Have you done all your cardio / weight training this week?
  3. Water. Have you hit all your water goals each and every day this week? A drop or increase can lead to a mental scale number.
  4. Sodium. Have you eaten anything with crazy amounts of salt / sugar / sweetener / flavourings in the last few days? That can make you retain muchos agua amigo.
  5. Fibre. How’s your veg / fruit / fibre intake been in the last few days? An increase or drop can blow you up.
  6. Cycle. I don’t need to elaborate but if your body needs excess water for certain reasons, I wouldn’t even bother weighing in that week.
  7. Sleep / stress. You ok babe? If you’re going mental and or your body is getting 0 chill, your body ain’t losing shit.
  8. Did you already have a big loss recently? If so, chill. Remember getting in shape is NOT A LINEAR PROCESS! You will have up days and down days, bloat days and ab days. Progress days and plateau days. GET OVER IT NOW OR SUFFER AND GIVE UP SOON.

So why did this happen to me this week? Because of reasons 1, 4, 5, and 7.

Why don’t I care?

Because not only am I trying to do this very slowly (I’m prepping until December), I can see progress.

You do not HAVE to weigh in if you struggle with the scales.

  1. Take body fat measurements (NOT on a machine, get a PT to do it with calipers or pay for a dexa scan).
  2. Take measurements.
  3. Take progress pics.
  4. Go on clothes fitting you differently or the same.

I am sticking to the same cardio, weights, calories and macros that I began with on day 1. 

As the weeks roll on, I will plateau aesthetically (this usually happens after a few weeks in a deficit), and at that point, I will look at my cardio and / or calories.

Until then, here’s to week 3!