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Do I Need to Track Calories and Macros?

My followers sometimes get confused because even though I personally track my daily calories and macros on MyFitnessPal, my books do not use this specific form of dieting…

Instead, my books instruct:

  1. A clean diet (healthy eating and calorie control)
  2. Specific portion sizes and recipe suggestions (calorie control)
  3. High protein, high fibre, moderate fat, carb cycled meals (macro manipulation)

Essentially, my books are all meal plans created to get you results without you having to overthink anything.

Why have I given you something different to what I do?

Because weighing out your food and tracking your daily calorie and macro intake is not for the faint of heart. Initially, it is very time consuming, very hard, and not at all fun.

Eventually, it does become second nature, but this can take a few weeks or even months of trial, error and all consuming food preoccupation.

In short, I do not recommend it to most people.

So what do you need to do if you want to lose fat but you don’t want to track?

  1. Eat clean foods for health and (with the exception of excessive fats like nut butters etc) lower calorie foods
  2. Eat smaller portions to ensure you are not in a calorie surplus throughout the day / week
  3. Focus on having protein and veg in every meal, but time your carbs pre and post training, replacing them with fats the rest of the time

These simple rules will work WITHOUT you having to drive yourself mad.

Always remember that just because one person is doing one thing, does not mean that it will work for you.

Tracking works for me, but most of my clients would throw in the towel within a few days.

Juicing may work for some, but I can safely say I will never do it (unless an external factor like illness forces me to).

Atkins will work for many, but if you lift heavy and train hard, I recommend you always find a way to fit carb bumps into your week.

Dieting…a million and one options…only one you.


*if you are interested in learning about tracking, download The Food Philosophy Guide at the top of this page*