Eat Clean Get Lean on Amazon

When I released my clean eating, calorie, macro, carb cycling and recipe guide Eat Clean Get Lean, many of you asked if I could put it on Amazon as well as iBooks (apple devices) and Google Books (android devices).

I was surprised to hear the feedback that iPhones, iPads, androids, laptops and computers aren’t always the preferred source of information, and that an Amazon release would be greatly appreciated.

My tech boys have now re formatted the Eat Clean Get Lean for Amazon, and it is now available to download on Kindle.

The full interactive version (including videos, pop ups and external links to social and website) can be viewed on all Kindle Fire, 3rd gen and up devices, through the Android Kindle app on smartphones and tablets.

Other Kindle devices and apps will show the book without the videos and pop ups, but these aren’t essential by any means. All the important information re the food bible, calories, macros, carb cycling and recipes is still there to be read and followed.

Learn how to change you diet to get healthy.

Learn how to change your diet to get muscular.

Learn how to change your diet to get lean.

Learn how to eat on both your high and low carb days.