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Here We Go Again!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that tomorrow is Day 1 of my next fat loss phase.

My 10 weeks off have looked like this:


  • Hypertrophy (weight lifting for muscle growth) focused
  • Reduced cardio down to 10 minutes post lift (usually LISS)
  • Increased rest days from training x6 days weekly down to x4 days weekly


  • Increased calories via increased carbohydrate intake
  • Dietary freedom – Although I have still been eating healthy every day, dietary treats such as alcohol and dessert have happened often

I should probably stay in this gaining phase for a few more weeks to be honest, but I feel both mentally and physically ready at this point.

I can see a visible change in both my muscular shape and my body fat increase.

I have gained a substantial amount of weight and have gone from a size 6 to a size 10.

Why do I implement these breaks?

Coming out of a calorie deficit and allowing your body to regain some fat has huge hormonal and metabolic benefits. Not to mention the mental and social benefits of more dietary freedom and spontaneity.

Coming out of a calorie deficit and allowing your body to gain some muscle mass again has great metabolic benefits, and will improve your aesthetic results down the line.

The first 2 weeks of my fat loss phase will look like this:


  • Continued hypertrophy (weight lifting for muscle growth) focus
  • Increased cardio from 10 minutes post lift to 15 minutes post lift (LISS / MISS / HIIT varied)
  • Decreased rest days from training x4 days weekly up to x5 days weekly


  • Slightly decreased calories via slightly decreased carbohydrate intake
  • Less dietary freedom – Dietary treats such as alcohol and dessert will not make an appearance until a I have made significant progress, and will only occur on a refeed day if at all

If you are interested in learning how to track calories and macros, and manipulate both for your goals, The Food Philosophy Guide at the top of this page will teach you how.

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