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Long Term Goals

Hello Fondues!

A lot of you are currently on my 4 Week Body Blitz, so have a short term goal to work towards.

As I have said many times, both on my social media and on this blog, pushing yourself to achieve a short term goal is not a bad thing. There is something to be said for the mental focus and physical push that comes with it, and the results of both will benefit you in the long run.

However, there does come a point when you need to start thinking about how to slowly reverse out of a short term goal, and find your long term balance in the process.

Whether this goes from implementing a weekly carb cycle to implementing daily carbs, or from intensive training sessions into more enjoyable workouts, or finding a way to include days off diet and training into your week, ‘balance’ looks different for everyone.

My suggestion is that no matter what plan you are on, start to reverse out of it until you find your happy spot.

For me personally, this usually includes pre and post workout carbohydrates daily, so my training is both enjoyable and beneficial, the rest of the time focusing on fats instead so my hormones are happy.

It includes 6 days of intensive training a week, with one full day off to rest and eat intuitively.

It includes being OK with not being lean, and embracing my body in a more natural and happy state.

Whatever your ‘balance’ looks like, remember that health and fitness includes mental, physical and emotional well being. As long as you can tick those 3 boxes, you are doing it right.