A few weeks ago, I asked my followers what they would like me to write about next.

There were the typical questions re cardio and carbs, but the overwhelmingly repeated questions were about motivation…

How do you stay so motivated?

How do you not give in when you boyfriend orders a pizza?

How do you train when you’re tired?

How do you avoid chocolate?

And on and on it went…how do you…how do I…


So, like everything else in life, IT IS NOT MAGIC. It is, quite simply, CHOICE.

No, I don’t have a sparkly pink blood stream flooding my veins with motivation every day.

No, I wasn’t born into a struggling family, altering my mental drive and fuelling me to work harder for the life I never had growing up.

And no, sorry to disappoint you trolls, but I don’t live off my parent’s income, forcing me to spend my hours doing SOMETHING productive with my time.

I work extremely hard, Monday-Sunday. I have a column, I write a blog, I run an online business selling both tangible products that need to be trialled, bought, labled, promoted, sold and dispatched, and online downloads that need to be written, trialled and promoted (the NEW AND IMPROVED 12 WEEK BODY TRANSFORMATION GUIDE will be on sale ANY DAY NOW, and it might be the best guide to changing your body I have EVER written).

I have 2 fitness apps and a nutritional iBook, for which I wrote every word and organised every promo.

I have a gym wear line coming out that I aim 100% involved in from the grass roots up (more on that later) and I am writing a book (more on that later, too).

I take part in charity events, photoshoots, meetings and press days pretty much weekly.

I. Am. Busy.

But I WANT to have a sick ass body – SO I TRAIN HARD AND I EAT RIGHT.

It’s that simple.

Do you want to have a sick ass body? THEN TRAIN HARD AND EAT RIGHT!

Yes but the problem is I also want pizza…

Yes we all want the fucking pizza but the problem with eating the pizza is that you wont get the sick ass body…

So CHOOSE what you want and DO. IT.

Nike had it right from day 1 – JUST DO IT!

Now, if I’ve learned anything from my 5 columns, it’s that editors LOVE a ‘top tips’ section, so, without further ado, here are some of my top tips for staying motivated! By the way if that exclamation mark made you as sick as it made me we’d be great friends.

1. GIVE YOURSELF SOME TIME TO BUILD UP TO IT – So the reason why I have been able to give 100% for 31 days solid now is that I gave myself November and December to eat what I wanted, drink what I wanted and do what I wanted. By mid December I was so ready to go again, but I knew Christmas was coming up, so I held tight. By the time January 1st hit, I was literally running out the gate…

2. SET A START DATE – Like I said above, I said to myself LONG before January 1st that THAT was my start date. I knew it was coming, I was making mental notes, actual notes, I told everyone that I was starting a prep so nothing was considered impolite or tempting. I was 100% set in stone that come hell or high water, I would start on January 1st. My gym was even CLOSED on January 1st, so I angrily made my way back home and did a circuit in my back room, before then meal prepping my food for the next 2 days. I WAS 100% SET ON JANUARY 1ST.

3. SET AN END DATE / FINAL GOAL – One of the motivating factors I have on my side that a lot of people don’t is a serious reason-why-goal. What I mean by this is that I will have a photoshoot next month, or an an app coming out, or a holiday with a boyfriend who can eat the world’s biggest jammy dodger EVERY DAY AND STILL LOOK RIPPED. I always have an END DATE – a reason why, and you need one too. Book a photoshoot, book a holiday, find an event or a big party coming up, find something, ANYTHING that will KEEP YOU GOING.

4. FIND THE TIME – Sometimes I train at 6.30am and sometimes I train at 9.30pm. Some days I train at home and some days I go to the gym. I FIND THE TIME. I FIND THE PLACE. I GET IT DONE.

5. FIND THE FOOD THAT WORKS FOR YOU – I love broccoli mash, protein oats, sweet potato wedges, Heck chicken sausages, a spoonful of peanut butter, MyProtein bars, caramel rice cakes, tinned tuna and sugar free ketchup. I find the foods I LOVE, I get excited to eat my meals, and I stay on diet.

6. JUST. DO. IT – Seriously, stop questioning, stop thinking, you want a sick ass body? Then train and eat right. JUST. DO. IT.