Two weeks ago today, I wrapped filming and promotional shots for my new weight lifting app. Post shoot I had a big old cheat night, but got back on the health and fitness grind the next day. I was actually pretty impressed with myself for staying on track, when I could have easily skipped the gym in favour of drunken nights out with my friends.

I managed to keep training and reverse dieting for a week post shoot, when my boyfriend asked me to run away with him for a few days. Those of you who follow me on social media will know that a holiday was most definitely NOT on the cards. 2015 was a learning curve that I promised myself I wouldn’t repeat. It was aesthetic roller coaster of being in shape and falling back out of it, time and time again, all because I would train like a beast and eat like an Olympian for months on end, before going away and hitting the buffet morning, noon and night, for starters, seconds and thirds…trust me, I can eat.

I just want to quickly talk about how much damage can be done over the course of a week, as a lot of people often respond that I can’t do THAT much harm in 6 days, and frequently insinuate that I have body dysmorphia or something of the like. First of all, I agree that it’s not particularly normal or logical, but when I take consistent days off both my diet and training simultaneously, I see a very clear jump in my body by day 4 or 5. I can only imagine this is down to the fact that I am naturally very curvy, so staying little and sinewy isn’t something my body is inclined to do. I also think people underestimate just how much food I can pile away before I’m even full, but rest assured it’s in the thousands of calories arena. Not to mention that training twice a day for months on end, followed by no training whatsoever…my body just can’t hold on for more than a few days.

So, I was apprehensive to go away, but I am also unwilling to miss out on life because I want a six pack. Period. So off we went.

Over the course of our 6 day break I only trained properly once, but I swam every day, sometimes twice a day. I ate what I wanted to an extent, but I didn’t go mad like I used to.

I’ve been back about a week now, and while my body does not look like it did 2 weeks ago, I’m not remotely bothered. Since I’ve been back I have trained every day, my diet is almost spotless aside from the odd date night, and I am in no rush to lean up.

I do have work things coming up mid May that I will need to push for, but I have some time to be normal before then.

Which brings me to the crux of this piece…

I often have people coming at me saying that not everyone can train twice a day and get the results I get, some people actually have jobs and children. Well yes, I have a job or 5 too, so that’s why I train early A.M. and late P.M., but I do understand that it isn’t particularly normal or easy to train twice a day, and YOU DON’T NEED TO.

You can change your body by doing 30minutes of weight lifting and 15minutes of cardio 4 days a week if you want to.

You can change your body by cleaning up your diet and keeping an eye on calories.

And if you do both of the above CONSISTENTLY, you can change your body to the same degree I do, it will just take longer.

If you want better results quicker, do more. Train 6 days a week. Track your calories and macros on MyFitnessPal. Do 20minutes of cardio instead of 15.  I promise you, it really is not rocket science.

The hardest part is staying consistent, and trust me, if anyone knows that, it’s me. So follow your fitness icons on social media and check their pages daily. Find ways to stay motivated. Remember that if they can do it, why the hell can’t you?! They are not super human, they are JUST as strong and weak as you or I.

I’ll be slowly increasing my diet and training in the next few weeks, but until then, I hope I can prove that you can be fit and healthy every day of your life, and not completely drown in living the ‘lifestyle change’.

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