Online Training

Hello Fondues.

It has been years since I have been able to say this…but I am currently looking for a small handful of online clients.

I am probably busier than I ever have been, but truth be told, I really miss having one to one client relationships.

The strong desire to have goal minded clients was the reason I got qualified in the first place, and although I love writing online downloads and books that I know will get people into great shape, there is something really exciting about working alongside somebody, helping him or her achieve their own aesthetic goals.

So, as I say, I can only take on a very small number of online clients, and I will of course be charging for this service. 

Payments will be one off (consultations and Phase 1 Diet and Exercise Plans), and potentially continuous should you want to extended your time working with me.

If you are interested, please email info@fitnessfondue.com .

Muscle building, fat burning, or overall health and fitness, I am looking for anyone who is serious about committing to a plan.

Taking enquiries for a short time only.