Day 1, Week 5

WEEK 1 – 137lbs / 20.1% bf

WEEK 2 – 135.5lbs

WEEK 3 – 134.4lbs / 18% bf

WEEK 4 – 132.5lbs

WEEK 5 – 129.9lbs

 Day 1, week 5…or in other words, 30 days deep.

I said 30 days ago that after a much needed 2 months off restriction and discipline, I was ready to give 100% to the right diet and training routine again.

Even when you 100% MEAN IT, you still look forward to weeks 3/4 and think, God I hope this resolution lasts. 

And it has. I have never been so comfortable after 4 weeks of a prep before.

Don’t get me wrong, this morning I walked past a giant Cadburys Oreo bar and I swear it was like I had walked past Matt Damon I was THAT enthralled. However, I am not gunning for the end quite yet.

4.5 weeks  is usually when the magic starts to happen for me, so not to disappoint, I am making some further tweaks to my plan…

I am NOT changing my training an iota. I am definitely at the upper end of my limits re training and if I push it much further I’m going to get antsy and or angry in the gym.

I will however change my calorie count, which I haven’t done yet. This should ramp up my results and also stand me in good stead for a gentler depletion in week 7.

I will also change my carb cycle, again to stand me in good stead for a gentler depletion come week 7.

My training this week will look like this:

  • A.M. – fasted cardio (at home) – 25 mins circuits (see fat loss app/android) OR 25 mins incline interval sprints – (no cardio added)
  • P.M. – weights (at the gym) – different body part a day (weights4women app/android) – followed by a secondary 25 mins fat loss workout OR a secondary 25 mins incline interval sprints – (no cardio added)

My diet this week will look like this:

  • DIET – 100% clean – 0 cheats – carb cycle – 5 days low – 1 day high (+1 day low carb added)
  • -10% from my current calorie count of 1,700 – bringing me down to 1,530


So here we go, week 5, come at me!

*please continue to email for questions re 15 Minute Fat Loss app / Weights4Women app / Eat Clean Get Lean iBook – for technical questions email*



The above image shows day 1 week 1, day 1 week 3, and now day 1 week 4.

WEEK 1 – 137lbs / 20.1% bf

WEEK 2 – 135.5lbs

WEEK 3 – 134.4lbs / 18% bf

WEEK 4 – 132.5lbs

A lot of you asked last week how I measure my body fat.

I only ever use callipers, as I was taught that this is the only accurate bf measurement to go by, and that machines are pants. I did actually put this to the test about 2 years ago, and was reassured that this was sound advice, but maybe improvements have been made in recent times, so I will check it out and report back.

I didn’t do my bf % this week as, like I always say, I’m actually suuuuper lazy.

If I can see my body changing and something somewhere is shifting, I can’t be bothered to spend 20 minutes pinching skin.

So I’m down on the scales and I WAS looking leaner, until this morning, when for reasons I’m sure you can figure out on your own, I woke up looking like a big bloated bouncy castle. Hence the use of yesterday’s picture.

So, for 23 days solid now I have stuck to my diet and training plan 100%.

No cheats, no unnecessary rest days (know the difference between lazy and exhaustion), straight up cardio, weights and clean eating.

As week 4 is now the halfway point, it’s time to make some minor changes to my cardio and carb cycle.

This week:

  • A.M. – fasted cardio (at home) – 25 mins circuits (see fat loss app/android) OR 25 mins incline interval sprints – (+10 mins cardio added)
  • P.M. – weights (at the gym) – different body part a day (weights4women app/android) – followed by a secondary 25 mins fat loss workout OR a secondary 25 mins incline interval sprints – (+10 mins cardio added)
  • DIET – 100% clean – 0 cheats – carb cycle – 4 days low – 1 day high – within current calorie count (+1 day low carb added)

I have an iron clad rule that IF you’re progressing in any way shape or form, you should STAY PUT with both your diet and your training.

However, I am at the half way point now, 4 weeks in, just under 4 weeks to go, and it’s a good idea for me to continue overload and progression in the second half by either changing my calories or changing my cardio.

I have upped my cardio and left my calories alone, as I know from experience that the training I do does not go so well on a super low calorie count.

I have also given my carb cycle an added day, but this is more for final week purposes than results beforehand.

If you are following my iBook / Google Book Eat Clean Get Lean and you are NOT progressing, THIS IS FINE. All it means is that you are training hard and dieting right, you just haven’t found the right numbers yet.

-10% from your TDEE or +10 minutes to your cardio and KEEP GOING!

Remember this is a long game of TRIAL AND ERROR and for that reason you need PATIENCE.

Here’s to week 4!


A lot of you have been asking where my 12 week plan has gone…

Health, fitness and aesthetic results are, like all scientific matters, ever evolving studies.

What I do, teach, advise and implement myself are very different now from the methods I promoted 4 years ago.

Add to that the feedback I get from you guys, mostly great, but also the odd complaint that this wasn’t in there, that wasn’t explained properly, why is there no this and what about all that…

There is ALWAYS a reason WHY I’ve written something the way I have, omitted something or instructed something, but I do take all your feedback on board, and when I feel that my methods can be improved, both personally and professionally, I start again from square 1.

Which is exactly what I have done with the NEW AND IMPROVED 12 WEEK PLAN…

The new plan will take you through EVERYTHING from dietary starting points (i.e. food bibles and portion control), to advanced dietary steps like calorie counting, macro tracking and carb cycling.

It has a changing, progressive training plan over a 12 week period, both in terms of cardio AND weight lifting.

It is now not only a fat loss guide, but a body transformation guide, for both those in need of gaining weight / muscle and those in need of losing weight / fat.

It is currently in the process of being prettified by my tech team, and then I will upload it onto the site.

In the meantime, I’m getting a lot of messages from those of you who have purchased EatCleanGetLean and are wondering where the chapter on supplements is…

There is no supplements chapter in ECGL, because quite frankly, supplements should only be taken by a handful of people who train their balls off and diet like athletes.

However, as I said, I do take feedback on board, so there IS a supps chapter in the new 12 week plan…

Here is a sneak peak…



 The idea that you need supplements to be fit, healthy and in shape is totally wrong.

This is because there is little proof that most supplements even work, so spending boat loads of cash on them is likely a waste of money.

While taking supplements ‘to get in shape’ is not the smartest idea, there are still some very good reasons to take some of them, so here is what I suggest and why:


In order to GAIN weight / muscle:

It’s hard to shovel in 2-3000 calories a day, and mass gainers are definitely worth looking into if you’re desperately trying to gain muscle.

Try to find one that is equal grams protein and carbs, with minimal fat.

In order to LOSE weight / muscle:

I don’t believe in meal replacement shakes and neither should you.

Your protein SHOULD be coming from your food, but if like me you are on a high protein diet and have a sweet tooth, whey protein can come in very handy.

I sell a chocolate whey protein called ‘Recovery’ on my site,, because it is very high protein and very low carb and fat.

However there are plenty out there to choose from, so have a look around.


It can be really hard getting to the gym on those days where you’re surprised you even had the energy to brush your teeth.

I could not survive without my pre workout ‘Fire’, that also I sell on, and highly recommend.

You have to be careful with pre workouts; I searched for 3 years to find one that didn’t make me sick or shakey, and I found ‘Fire’.

You may have to go through trial and error to find the right product for you.


I don’t believe in CLA, L-Carnitine or any of the other supposed fat burners on the market.

I do believe in thermogenics.

Thermogenics are essentially pre workouts that increase your energy levels and heart rate during exercise, meaning you burn more calories than you otherwise would, and the more your body is digging for energy, the more fat it’s going to find.

Again, my pre workout ‘Fire’ is the best thermogenic I’ve come across, which is why I sell it, but again, have a look around.


BCAAs are branch chain amino acids, aka proteins, and are helpful for both those looking to GAIN muscle AND those looking to LOSE fat.

BCAAs can be taken before, during and after training in pill form or powder form.

I sell the pill form on but if you struggle to drink water, I recommend the powder forms as they are flavoured and can replace your favorite sugary drinks.


Again, there is no proof that multivits work, but since I started taking them daily 4 years ago, I’ve had maybe 2 colds.

I personally believe in them, and again I sell the on my website , BUT I am open to the idea that this is psychosomatic.


Omega oils are fatty acids that your body genuinely needs in order to function healthily, and benefits greatly from.

Your skin, respiratory system, circulatory system, brain, organs, joints, immune system and blood pressure will all be grateful for your intake of this supplement.


Creatine is produced naturally in the body, is also found in meat, and is stored in muscle cells helping to produce ATP – the primary energy source of the body.

It supplies energy for muscle cells during intense activity and can greatly increase their size and performace.

Creatine works in loading phases and can lead to water retention, so if your goal is to lose weight / fat, bare this in mind when it comes to your aesthetic results and the scales.



WEEK 1 – 137lbs / 20.1% bf

WEEK 2 – 135.5lbs

WEEK 3 – 134.4lbs / 18% bf

For 16 days solid now I have stuck to my diet and training plan 100%.

I have dropped a few lbs (but this isn’t important, at various stages I’ve actually gained multiple lbs) and I’ve dropped about 2% body fat.

  • I have done fasted cardio (at home) daily, in the form of my 15 minute fat loss workouts (available on app / android devices), OR as 20 minutes incline interval sprints.This will stay the same.
  • I have lifted weights (at the gym) daily, training a different body part a day (weights4women app / android), followed by a secondary 15 minute fat loss workout OR a secondary 20 minutes incline interval sprints. This will stay the same.
  • I have taken 1 rest day thus far, as I am a firm believer in listening to your body, knowing when to push and knowing when to rest. I was on fire until this past Saturday, when I had to drag my body around the gym like a big wet carcass, so Sunday was a rest day for me.
  • I have been eating 100% clean, 0 cheats, a macro split of 50P 30C 20F, within my calorie count.
  • This week I will start a 100% clean carb cycle, 3 days low, 1 day high, within my current calorie count.

I don’t see my training changing any time soon. I am lifting heavy and doing cardio daily. I have no interest in increasing either at this point.

I will continue to take rest days if and when I need them.

My calories will stay the same this week, but my carb cycle will begin to aid further fat loss.

Here’s to week 3!

Eat Clean Get Lean on Amazon

When I released my clean eating, calorie, macro, carb cycling and recipe guide Eat Clean Get Lean, many of you asked if I could put it on Amazon as well as iBooks (apple devices) and Google Books (android devices).

I was surprised to hear the feedback that iPhones, iPads, androids, laptops and computers aren’t always the preferred source of information, and that an Amazon release would be greatly appreciated.

My tech boys have now re formatted the Eat Clean Get Lean for Amazon, and it is now available to download on Kindle.

The full interactive version (including videos, pop ups and external links to social and website) can be viewed on all Kindle Fire, 3rd gen and up devices, through the Android Kindle app on smartphones and tablets.

Other Kindle devices and apps will show the book without the videos and pop ups, but these aren’t essential by any means. All the important information re the food bible, calories, macros, carb cycling and recipes is still there to be read and followed.

Learn how to change you diet to get healthy.

Learn how to change your diet to get muscular.

Learn how to change your diet to get lean.

Learn how to eat on both your high and low carb days.