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Post Holiday Blues

Hello lovely Fondues!

I apologise for being off the radar for a couple of weeks now.

The last time I posted I was about 3 weeks into my reverse diet and training regime.

After spending 9 weeks progressively increasing my workout times and intensity, while decreasing my dietary intake, I was eventually in a deficit followed by depletion.

I was incredibly lean when I decided to slowly work my way back up to maintenance levels, in order to keep my metabolism in check and keep my body progressing in the long run.

My cardio steadily decreased and my calories steadily increased, meaning that 3 weeks after being at a very low body fat, I was still able to maintain a somewhat lean physique.

However, week 4 saw me fly away with my partner, and by week 5 it is safe to say the lean has died.

I am curvy and brown and excited for the next 13 weeks, which will see me slowly work my way down from a surplus, into maintenance, followed by a deficit, and finally depletion.

I am giving myself longer this time because I want to stay at maintenance for a while before I start chipping away.

13 weeks will be the longest I have ever given myself to get into great shape, but I want to do it that way this time because in truth, it is easier on both my body and my brain.

For those of you who will comment and email off the back of this post, the answer is YES – The 12 Week Body Transformation Guide takes you through each and every step that I follow when getting into shape. From LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio, to HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio, into circuit training, all alongside weight lifting – the plan reflects exactly how I change my body with exercise.

It talks you through what you can eat in the Food Bible, how much of it you can eat (and when) in Portion Control, and covers off cheat meals and supplementation. There is an option to calculate your own calories and macros for your own goals if you want to advance further, and also a section on carb cycling (which I usually start implementing a few weeks into a plan).

If you want to get in shape for summer, NOW IS THE TIME.

The Guide is everything you need to know, and you can do it alongside me if you’re worried about giving up.

Summer is coming, and I intend to feel as confident as possible as naked as possible – because sweat patches will fuck your summer goddess look right up.