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Good evening Fondues!

Not only is it January, but I have a new diet download on this site, and a new book on the shelves.

This means QUESTIONS, and although I am plowing through them on social media, I know a lot of you frequent this site.

So, here we go…

What is the difference between the Fitness Fondue download and The 4 Week Body Blitz?

The FF download is solely a diet download. It goes through calories, macros, foods and recipes that should be followed for fat loss, muscle building or maintenance goals. This download is PERFECT for those of you who have MyFitnessPal and are fans of calorie and macro tracking, but need specific instructions for your own specific goals.

The 4 Week Body Blitz is a complete diet and training guide to get you great results in 4 weeks. It has weekly, progressive workouts that you can do at home, a food bible, a portion control section, a build your own meals section, a carb cycle section and a recipe guide (daily meal plan).

What cardio do I need to do and how much do I need to do to get in shape?

All cardio serves a purpose…

Physical fitness, calorie burning and fat burning are all achieved via cardio.

LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) is a great place to start. Think long walks, leisurely bike rides, swimming or any form of gentle exercise. It will get your fitness up, it will burn some calories, it will burn some fat, and it can be very mentally enjoyable in the form of long outdoor strolls or bike rides. Aim to do LISS for up to 1 hour a day, 4-6 days a week.

MISS (Moderate Intensity Steady State) is a great calorie and fat burner. Think a gentle jog, a steep incline walk, a resisted cross trainer session, anything that challenges you but you can do for up to 45mins a pop, 4-6 days a week.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is great for smashing fitness levels, burning fat and boosting metabolism. Think sprints, circuits, anything that you cannot possibly do for longer than 1 minute at a time, giving 100% physical exertion, before having to rest. Aim to do HIIT for up to 30mins a pop, 4-6 days a week.

You lift weights, why? Should I?

I love weight lifting. It is the training that lead me to fall MADLY in love with fitness, so of course I pimp it out.

Weight lifting is FUN, and it completely changes the composition of your body (fat and muscle mass), allowing you to build whatever kind of shape you want.

It changed me mentally as well as physically, making me feel strong, capable, accomplished and confident (I do not see this as a bad thing).

My Weights4Women app will show you how to weight lift, but if you have the money, look for a good PT.

You don’t NEED to weight lift if you don’t want to, body weight resistance is also great. Think squat jumps, lunges, push ups, sit ups, mountain climbers, the plank, etc etc…

What should my diet look like if I want to get in shape?

No matter what your goal is, I suggest you eat 100% clean, allowing yourself cheat nights no more than once a week.

If you want to gain muscle, you need to lift heavy weights 4-6 days a week and eat a full balanced diet of proteins, fats and carbs every day. Remember that in order to gain, you need to eat A LOT.

If you want to lose fat, I suggest you do some form of resistance training alongside cardio 4-6 days a week and have a clean diet dominant in protein and fats, carbs should replace fats in your pre and post training meals only. Remember that in order to lose, you need to keep a close eye on your portion sizes. Eat every meal of the day, every day, but keep your portions in check.

What about rest days and cheat meals?

Rest days should be had at least once a week, twice a week is fine, three days if you need the recovery time.

Cheat days, regardless of goals, should be no more than once weekly. Fortnightly if you’re really trying to shed.

Do I need to join a gym?

Only if you want to lift weights. Everything else you can do outdoors or at home.

I’m busy! How do I fit exercise it in?!

Get up an hour earlier. Go to bed an hour later. Train on your lunch break. It works if you work it.

Can I train when pregnant?

Yes, but maintenance only. So no progression, no overload, just maintain what you already do.

Avoid the prone and supine positions.

Eat healthy, but don’t ‘diet’, as in don’t restrict yourself at any point.

Can I train post natal?

Yes, when you get the all clear from your doctor, usually 6-12weeks post natal.

When I watch what I eat, I get hungry…

Yes, you will, because your body starts to lose, and it doesn’t want to lose, it wants to stay in homeostasis (maintenance).

The trick is to eat lots of HEALTHY foods, like lean proteins and vegetables, in order to feel consistently satisfied and full.

When I watch what I eat, I get headaches and sometimes even feel dizzy…

This is sugar withdrawal.

Try to power through but if it gets too much, have a piece of fruit asap to bring your blood sugar back up.

I will be doing a lot of posts like this over the next few weeks to help everyone out, so make sure you check in!

I will also be posting about my progress on Monday, so if you too are on a January plan, hopefully it will give you a little boost!