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Recent Article – Fasted Incline Walking

We’ve all seen it, the ladies that lunch power walking up a steep suburban hill, designer sunglasses out in full force.

And while it’s fair enough for a twenty-something to scoff at a power walk, these women are actually onto something.

If you want to burn calories, shed fat, and boost your metabolic rate, a 30-40 minute incline walk before breakfast is just the ticket, and here’s why…

Exercise of any kind is going to boost your metabolism (your body’s ability to burn calories for energy), and contrary to popular belief, exercising before you eat is much more beneficial than exercising after.

Once your walk is done and you sit down to tuck into breakfast, your body is desperate to repair its depleted energy stores with calories and nutrients, and it will remain desperate for many hours post workout.

Incline walks are great because they are cardiovascular workouts (essential for heart health and not to mention serious calorie burners) and that steep old hill you usually avoid is going to provide you with another essential – resistance.

Resisted cardio is as good as it gets because you are using your muscles to power against gravity (anaerobic exercise), while stimulating both your heart and breathing rate to burn calories, fat, and increase your overall fitness (aerobic exercise).