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Reversing – Week 2

I am now 1 full week of reverse dieting and training down, confidently heading into week 2.

After my 9 week prep of slowly increasing cardio and decreasing calories and carb / fat macros, it’s time to slowly reverse the process.

Often when I come off a prep I find myself on holiday, balls deep in food and booze for a solid 2 weeks, so you can imagine the damage I do.

However, this time, I’m home, still wanting to train daily, and unless it’s a celebratory event, I don’t really have an excuse to fall off the diet wagon.

Last week I…

  • Reduced my cardio by -5 minutes
  • Increased my calories by +100
  • Increased my carb and fat macros by +5%
  • Had Saturday night + Sunday to enjoy all the things I’ve missed out on over the last 9 weeks (drinking with friends, eating with family, and not counting a single calorie or macro)

This week I will repeat that exact same process.

The goal is eventually to find myself out of a carb cycle, into a much more appropriate daily macro split of 50%p, 30%c, 20%f.

The goal is to slowly bring myself back up to about 2000 calories daily.

The goal is to have 1 rest day and 1 cheat day a week, simultaneously, to be enjoyed with my P.I.C.

The goals is to lift heavy AF.

The goal is to enjoy my life as much as possible, before May 1st, when tunnel vision will see me discipline myself once more, for 3 very big, very fun reasons.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.