The Fat Loss Blitz – The Sedentary Plan

My next book, The Fat Loss Blitz (link in side bar ->) is split into 3 separate sections:

  1. The Sedentary Plan
  2. The Active Plan
  3. The Gym Plan

Today I want to talk about The Sedentary Plan…

When I released my first book, The 4 Week Body Blitz, it seemed to strike a perfect chord with just over 1/3rd of my audience…

People who were active, who enjoyed the odd workout session and who wanted to see great results, really thrived with T4WBB.

However, for the 2 polar ends of the spectrum, the inactive and / or the gym bunnies, I received many requests for my next book…

Can you write something for those of us who can’t do a burpee?

How do I get my fitness up so I can actually do these circuits?

Can I do the diet and skip the circuits?

These questions and requests are what lead me to split TFLB into 3 sections, to cater to my 3 different audiences.

The Sedentary Plan is for those of you who are unfit, inactive, out of shape, unsure, and slightly terrified of starting something called The Fat Loss Blitz.

First and foremost, let me assure you that we have all been there. Believe me when I say that everyone starts somewhere, whether it’s the skinny guy at the gym trying to gain the weight, or the bigger girl on the bike trying to shed the weight, nobody just falls into aesthetic shape…well, most of us don’t anyway.

We all have to take the baby steps to even get to the place where we can realistically chase our goals full throttle.

The Sedentary Plan includes a 4 week diet plan that does not instruct anything too advanced like a carb cycle, it is simply a calorie deficit diet, with structured carbohydrate, fat and protein based meals. There is an extensive Food Bible for you to build your own meals from, or a Recipe Guide for you to choose your meals from. You can even mix and match the two if you like.

The Sedentary Plan also includes a weekly workout guide that does not instruct anything you won’t be able to do if starting from a place of obesity or cardiovascular ground. There are tons of options when it comes to getting to a place of physical fitness, and all of these options are listed in the plan, alongside minutes and days you are required to move.

Once you have completed The Sedentary Plan, it is completely your choice as to whether you continue on with it, or move on to The Active Plan.

The Fat Loss Blitz can be followed for up to 24 weeks (6 months total), which will give you more than enough time to feel your way, and get those dream results that have been escaping you for so long.