The Fat Loss Blitz – The Active Plan

My next book, The Fat Loss Blitz (link in side bar ->) is split into 3 separate sections:

  1. The Sedentary Plan
  2. The Active Plan
  3. The Gym Plan

I recently talked about The Sedentary Plan (see below), but today I want to talk about The Active Plan…

The Active Plan is for those of you who enjoy exercise but aren’t fully committed to any sort of training plan.

It is for those of you who enjoy the odd gym class, weekly run or routine PT session, but want to implement a little more structure and get some REAL results.

My first book, The 4 Week Body Blitz, was a huge success with my Active following…

The circuits could be done at home or in the gym, alone or with friends, and got both your cardiovascular and resistance training done in one fell swoop.

However, my active followers were also full of questions…

Can I do my Tuesday spin class instead of Tuesday’s circuit?

Can I replace a circuit with a PT session?

I play sports on the weekends, how does that fit in with the plan?

As their namesake would suggest, my active followers were very active!

So in my next book, The Fat Loss Blitz, I have made sure to leave some room for my Active readers to manoeuvre…

Circuits can be replaced with certain gym classes or PT sessions, however I instruct workout times and days that must be adhered to in order to stay on track and see great results each week.

There is also a gym plan, so if my active followers would like to progress from circuits to full blown weight lifting and cardio splits, they can progress to this level as and when they choose.

Like The Sedentary Plan and The Gym Plan, The Active Plan has it’s own specific diet that goes hand in hand with the training to guarantee amazing results…

The foundation of the diet is a food bible for you to choose your protein, carbohydrate and fat options from. This food bible is far more extensive than The 4 Week Body Blitz bible was. There is also a recipes guide for you to choose your daily meals from, should you so wish.

Specific dietary instructions (re carb meals, fat meals and re-feed days) are laid out for you in your own specific plan, these dietary instructions change depending on which of the 3 plans you choose to follow.

I suspect The Active Plan will be the most followed of the 3 plans, so I really tried to cater to every corner of this audience!

The Fat Loss Blitz can be followed for up to 24 weeks total, so there is more than enough time to feel it out, decide which plan best works for you, and get the results that have been escaping you for so long.