Training, Dieting, and Real Life

Hello Fondues!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve had an absolutely insane couple of weeks.

Recently I’ve been up against it trying to get my new app together, which will be launching in January. The first app will be a fat burning download that will contain four 15minute calorie burning, fat burning, metabolic boosting, muscle building circuits. Each one of the four circuits targets a different area of the body, so it will fit perfectly into either a weight lifting or cutting programme.

If the app does well, we will start to do bolt ons and take it into the gym. The end goal is to create a substantial app that allows you to pick and choose what you download, demonstrates how to weight train properly using every machine and weight on the gym floor, and shows you how to train each and every part of your body.

On top of the app, I’ve had 2 massive shoots that required a lot of prep. I’m not going to lie, even though I hit my goal of 125lbs, I didn’t manage to get as lean as I have been or wanted to. However, I have more muscle on me now than ever before and I am extremely happy with my body.

I’ve had 8 shoots in total this year and I don’t mind admitting that the last 2 preps have been a real struggle for me.

I love training, I love eating healthy foods and I love watching my body change. But 8 preps in 1 year is probably a little too much for anyone. It’s more about calories burned than real training, and calorie counts than real healthy eating, and the entire thing got a bit tiresome by my 5th prep to be honest.

I have taken the last couple of days off to rest my body and eat what I want, and today I got back on the grind because I wanted to. I cannot tell you how nice it was starting my day with 30 minutes of cardio, watching The Food Network as I trained like always, followed by some ab work, before coming home and doing a food prep – all because I actually wanted to and not because I HAD to.

I think this raises a really important point about dieting, training, mentality and rest:

It’s very important to know when to give 100%. When to be hard on yourself and FOCUS on your goal.

It’s JUST AS IMPORTANT to know when you’ve had enough, mentally and or physically. To know when to say, ok, I need a day off, or 2 days off, or a week off. I need to eat with my friends. I need to rest my body. I need to refigure my goal.

Because truth be told, I haven’t had as much fun training in months as I had this morning, and that sucks. Months of hating  what I love? That’s not ok. Consequently, I have bowed out of shoots until March at the earliest, and hopefully when the next one rolls around, I can actually enjoy prepping and actually get into the shape I know I am capable of.

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