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Training for Your Goals

When it comes to my clients, both online and in the flesh, they tend to come with 1 of 4 goals…

  1. Get fit and healthy
  2. Get fit for an event (marathon / triathlon / Iron Man)
  3. Fat loss
  4. Muscle building

1 of 2 problems usually arise…

  1. They tell me they want to get ‘toned’
  2. They tell they want all of the above

So, keeping this in mind, I want to talk you through some things…

  1. If you want to ‘get fit and healthy’, this does NOT look like marathon training, or a fat loss plan, OR a muscle building plan. Getting fit and healthy requires fun, functional training. Training you will enjoy, training that will constantly be changing, training that is going to get you limber, cardiovascular fit, strong and active. A fat loss plan will not do all of this, a marathon plan will not do all of this, and a muscle building plan will not do all of this.
  2. Getting fit for an event like a marathon or a triathlon or a rugby game requires functional training that reflects the sport. HIIT, endurance, specifically targeted areas of muscle – this is what you need to be focusing on – NOT how you are going to LOOK in 4 weeks time.
  3. If you want fat loss, you are going to need to implement a calorie deficit via cardio or diet – ideally a bit of both so you are not over-training or under-eating. Ideally, a fat loss plan will come off the back of a muscle building plan because the more muscle you have, the better your metabolism will be. You SHOULD continue to train your muscle on a fat loss plan, but that is NOT the point of a specific fat loss plan.
  4. If you want to build muscle, you quite simply have to lift heavy weights and eat the right food at the right times. This means protein and carbs, and A LOT of both, pre and post training. The rest of the time, you can reduce your carb intake slightly (but still keep it in there), and add in some fat. You should be in a calorie surplus, which means you will most likely gain body fat, but this is ABSOLUTELY NOT a problem, the fat loss goal comes LATER.
  5. If you want to get ‘toned’ – and this is really important to remember – THAT MEANS YOU WANT MUSCLE BUILDING AND FAT LOSS. ‘Toning’ isn’t a thing. It is not ONE goal, it is TWO.

Whatever plan you embark upon, I implore you to give it AT LEAST 4 weeks BEFORE you decide if it is working or not.

Changes, be they aesthetic or internal, can take some time to materialise.

Be patient, and if you are not happy in 4 weeks, you can start to alter something in your plan. Chances are, you will instinctively know what needs to change (more food / more cardio / etc etc…).