Fitness Fondue Chloe Madeley To Launch New Book Features


Hello Fondues!

So those of you who follow me on social media will know that I haven’t been overly present on FF recently, due to the fact that I’m writing my first book!

It’s not a download or an iBook, it’s a real life book, book!

It’s incredibly fun and exciting for me to write something brand spanking new, that I truly believe will get people serious results.

It will include a 4 week workout plan that you can do at home OR in the gym, a weekly diet plan, and as I know A LOT of you are in desperate need of…RECIPES!

Lots and LOTS of recipes!

This is why it’s taking me so, bloody, long – because trying to come up with yummy yet simple recipes, that all hit the same calorie count, takes serious mental energy!

Alongside the book, I am also STILL trying to get my ass in shape!

Well, I suppose I am always in shape, so perhaps that’s the wrong term, rather I’m trying to get my ass LEAN.

  • My training currently consists of A.M. cardio circuits (20-25 minutes) and P.M. weight lifting sessions.
  • My diet is now at 1700 calories daily.
  • I am following a carb cycle, progressed +1 day from my last update, so it is now 4 days low, 1 day high.
  • Low carb days consist of high protein meals (usually egg whites, chicken, tuna, protein bars and protein powder), alongside moderate fats (usually eggs, nuts and nut butters), and lots of veg (usually broccoli, cauliflower and courgette), and as always, ALL THE HOT SAUCE.
  • High carb days consist of high protein meals (usually egg whites, chicken, tuna, protein bars and protein powder), alongside lots of carbs (usually oats, puffed rice cereals, rice, rice cakes and Frill chocolate ice cream).

You don’t have to eat what I eat, it’s just those are the foods I really like so I eat them in various ways, daily.

Next week I will probably drop my calories by -100 and +5 minutes to my cardio in an effort to speed things up a bit.

This is my method, this is how I get my body to respond, and this is perfectly healthy.

I am so sick of reading that daily exercise and a calorie controlled and or clean diet is for the mentally unstable. PLEASE.

Unless you are genetically blessed (which some lucky fuckers are), if you want aesthetic results, you have to train hard and you have to make sure you’re not eating a surplus of calories. It’s that simple.

Yes, you can eat ANY FOOD and STILL GET IN SHAPE, but I like to eat 5+ meals a day, and if 1 of those is a pizza, I am maxed out of calories on offer. THAT is why I keep my meals clean.

I promise I will try to update again soon!

In the meantime, I get your daily emails and messages asking for help, and yet again I refer you to my 12 week plan.

It will tell you when to train, how to train, when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat.

Summer is coming, stop f**king around, it’s go time.