Chloe Madeley Fitness Fondue Post Holiday Blues Features

Week 2, Post Holiday Blues

Hello Fondues!

For 11 days solid now I have woken up every morning for 15-20 minutes of fasted cardio at home (circuits or treadmill), followed by lunch time weight lifting sessions at the gym.

I always focus on a different muscle group or 2 per session:

  • Legs/glutes
  • Back/arms
  • Shoulders/abs

This allows me to hit every muscle group twice a week.

My sets and reps always differ:

  • Sometimes 3/8 HEAVY
  • Sometimes 4/12-15 to exhaustion
  • Sometimes pyramid sets

My type of lifting routine totally depends how I am feeling and looking that day. If I feel strong, I will lift heavy. If my shoulders look small, I will lift heavy. If I feel weak, I will exhaust. If my shoulders look full, I will exhaust. Weight lifting for me is all about physical feeling and instinct. I am not overly strict with my routine. Add to that, I am a big believer in switching it up for maximum aesthetic results.

Usually, when I get back into the swing of things, I start out with a 100% clean diet, on about 1800 cals daily, with a good, balanced macro split.

However, this time, I have started out with a 100% clean diet, on about 1800 kcals daily, with a carb cycle…

Why an immediate carb cycle?

Because for 8 days solid, donuts, cereal, pancakes, croissants, bread, ice cream and cocktails were all daily staples of my holiday diet. This added up to a huge surplus of carbs, and a huge surplus of calories.

Jumping from this into 1800 calories, alongside daily training, is going to have an immediate impact on my body.

I also wanted to have an immediate impact on my glycogen stores and fat burning ability, hence the carb cycle.

I am currently doing a 3 days low, 1 day high carb cycle.

Both my calories and carb cycle will remain this way for at least a few weeks, until I edge closer to my shoot dates (June-July).

I have time and options on my side, and I cannot express how important this is.

Too many of my clients read my blogs and social media posts and jump in to what I’m doing in my final week…


Changing your body should be a slow, progressive process, with minor tweaks happening no more than once a week.

You do not want week 1 to look like week 12, and you do not want week 12 to look like week 1.

Progress your diet. Progress your training. Make sure you can keep overload up all the way into that final week.

Here’s to another few weeks of stability!