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@elliepotter1 what I’d like to know is how you stay so motivated! When you’re having days when you don’t want to gym, how do you get around it?

@chelseyydagger What drove you to succeed even when everything hurt and you wanted to give in?

@liameering How do you not eat cake and cookies all day


@elliepotter1 , great question. Look guys, the fact of the matter is there are days, no matter how fit or unfit you are, when the last thing you will want to do is hit the gym. I get them, you get them, we all get them. Sometimes, if you are physically exhausted from training, your body is telling you to stop, and you must listen to it. When your body says I need rest, REST. However, when it’s just sheer laziness (and trust me, you WILL be able to FEEL the difference), you simply have to remember your goal, remember what it is that you’re trying achieve and why you started in the first place, AND GET YOUR BUTT TO THE GYM – PERIOD! My tricks are that I go on Instagram and I look at the bodies I covet (Paige Hathaway, Amanda Latona etc), and I also READ the struggle my idols go through every day with diet and training. But they got the results I WANT because they PUSHED – so do the same! PUSH!

@chelseyydagger, when everything hurts I take it as a pat on the back. I trained for that hurt, that hurt is my muscle tearing and my metabolism sky rocketing and my hard work paying off. It’s when I DON’T hurt that I get disheartened. When I want to give in, I remember what I want to look like, and I refuse to stand in my own way. This takes time, seriously, I am A LOT stronger mentally now than I was when I started – SO KEEP PUSHING!

@liameering Trust me, I WANT TO! Cake, cookies, chocolate, pasta, pizza, doughnuts, you name it, I WANT IT. Again, WE ALL DO, fit, unfit, healthy or not, the vast majority of us want to eat junk food. So I find alternatives, I make cakes and pancakes out of my protein powders, I have a tbs of nut butter, I have 2-3 squares dark chocolate, I slather Greek yoghurt in agave syrup and I sort out my sweet tooth without giving in to the junk. I also know that at the end of a few weeks of being spotless with my diet and training, I will have a night off, and eat whatever I feel like. It is vital to remember that FOOD IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

Guys, it is SO IMPORTANT to remember that CONSISTENCY IS KEY! You are not going to get there after 1 week of sticking to your diet and training, or 2 weeks, it takes weeks, months even of being 100% on point with your diet and training.


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