Personal Update

As those of you who have been reading my social media posts and this site lately will know, I have been firmly on the diet and training wagon for a while now. No cheats, no rest periods spanning longer than a day – solid consistency alongside a solid plan.

I think I’m about 14 weeks of consistency in now, but to be honest I’ve stopped counting, because all that matters is that I will be riding this train until February, when I will reassess my goals.

I have talked about taking things nice and slow this time around (due to the lengthy time scale of this prep), not doing anything crazy that I wont be able to maintain for a long period of time.

I am currently at:

  • 30 mins MISS (moderate intensity steady state cardio) every AM
  • Weight lifting every PM followed by 20mins HIIT
  • 1 full rest day weekly
  • A 3 day low, 1 day high carb cycle
  • 1600 calories

In 14 weeks, the only thing that has changed is my calorie count going from my TDEE (1800), gradually down into a deficit of 1600calories, where I will stay for the next few weeks.

I have also talked about my perspective changing recently…

I have previously always found myself on holiday at the end of a big push, rewarding myself with food morning noon and night, returning chubby and happy, but firmly back at square 1.

This became an increasingly hard train to ride with my work commitments, and although I don’t actually mind gaining a few lbs, I do mind the stress of having to get my ass back in gear within a 4 week deadline.

My pattern of discipline and achievement, swiftly followed by ‘freedom’ and reward, was definitely beginning to hinder my goals and enjoyment of my job.

I didn’t realise that the way I was viewing food – as a reward – was not accurate or helpful to either my goals or happiness in the long term.

As luck would have it, I stumbled across a podcast a few months ago that focused solely on ‘food preoccupation’. The professional athletes talked first about the fear of being hungry. Why are we so scared of feeling hungry? We felt hungry before we ever paid attention to what we ate, we will continue to feel hungry when we are paying attention to what we eat, and as long as we continue to be physically healthy, we will continue to experience hunger. It is quite simply a part of how we function as human beings. Don’t fear it, accept it, and move past it without obsessing over it.

They next thing they talked about was learning how to come out of a disciplined time period with food, and back into a healthy balance with food. Instead of doing what I did (and what a lot of us do) – rewarding ourselves with food – learn that you can stay on track AND implement the things you enjoy, without having them take over like an avalanche of obsession.

For example, I enjoy drinking wine and I enjoy drinking whisky. So, over the course of the last 14 weeks, I have had maybe 3 or 4 nights when I have implemented one or the other. 

Another example, I recently went on holiday and didn’t come off my diet once, because I didn’t want to, so I just didn’t.

And lastly, this week was my anniversary, so while I did make sure to time my high carb day to coincide with it, I didn’t track my food intake at all that day. I didn’t track because it was a special occasion and food wasn’t the focus, either in the discipline or reward sense of things.

So, this is the shape my new perspective is taking, and I love it.

I am sitting at 129lbs, which is a lean weight for me. I am training 6 days a week. And I am implementing the things I love, not daily, not even weekly, but when I choose to. The flip side? I am not implementing the things I love when I choose not to. Simple.

Find your balance between discipline and life, and neither will overwhelm you again.


Changing Your Diet

As many of you know, I have recently uploaded a new download to FitnessFondue.

The Fitness Fondue Food Philosophy talks you through what your dietary options are in line with your goals.

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle building, or simple health and fitness, your diet should match it or you wont get very far.

It’s not a fad sound bite when you hear that results are mostly down to the right diet. They absolutely are.

The download has a food bible, tons of dietary advice per goal, and 30 recipes all categorised per goal, so you do not have to track calories or macros if you don’t want to.

However, it does also explain how to calculate your own specific macros (protein, fats and carbs) and calories in accordance with your own specific goals, and how to track them daily (MyFitnessPal app).

I’ve had a few enquiries about mental tracking methods, so for those of you crazy cats who want to track them with your noggin (and I do NOT recommend this), the calorie breakdown of macros is:

Protein – 4cals per gram

Fats – 9cals per gram

Carbs – 4cals per gram

That will be confusing to those of you who haven’t bought the plan, but will hopefully help those of you who have.

When it comes to changing your diet, here are my 5 simple steps:

  1. CLEAN IT UP – Single ingredient foods (chicken, fish, meat, eggs, nuts, oats, rice, veg, fruit) are going to give your body what it NEEDS to change. Add to that, unless you are plowing into nut butter like there’s no tomorrow, they are much more calorie light than their junk food counterparts. The odd treat is pone thing, but habitual junk food grazing WILL halt your progress. TRUST ME.
  2. PORTION CONTROL – You need to understand that calories ARE IMPORTANT. This doesn’t mean you need to track them, but it does mean you need to be mindful of how much you are eating. 1 large portion protein (chicken breast), 1 large portion veg (big salad), 1 small portion fat (1/2 avocado), 1 small portion of carbs (handful rice) – THAT is what you should be aiming for.
  3. CARBS AND FATS – Can be altered in accordance with your goals. I recommend carbs pre and post workout, fats the rest of the time.
  4. TRACKING – As I always say, you do NOT need to do this, but for those of you who are really enjoying learning about nutrition and changing your body as you go, tracking calories and macros can be highly enjoyable and have massive effects on your results. I use MyFitnessPal.
  5. HAVE A BREAK – Every week or every few weeks, take the night off. It’s important for your sanity, social life and also your results. If you are really trying to change your body with your diet, your body will start to adapt. Throw it a curveball and once the water retention has subsided, you will see your results increase. Dietary curveballs will skyrocket your hormone levels back up to their happy, fat burning levels. Do not do this more than once a week, but try not to do it less than once a month.

Happy eating!

New Download – Food Philosophy Guide



12 Weeks Deep


Hello Fondues!

So I am officially 12.5 weeks into my new ‘prep’, and I am still sitting at 130lbs, down only 4lbs in 12 weeks.

However, my body looks completely different than it did 12 weeks ago – even 2 weeks ago – and I am amazed at how little the scales have dropped in comparison with how drastically my reflection has changed.

I don’t know if I can drop as low as I have in previous preps (125lbs), due to the amount of muscle I have managed to build after 5 years of almost daily training, but I suppose I will find out in the coming weeks!

Shoot 1 is officially done and I cannot wait to show you guys the photos!

Shoot 2 is next week, and shoot 3 is mid December.

I know a lot of you are waiting for my book, The 4 Week Body Blitz, to drop on December 28th.

You can preorder it on Amazon now if you follow the link on the right hand side of the page.

The 4 Week Body Blitz is a full diet and training guide laid out for you to follow over the course of 4 weeks, guaranteeing results if you follow it to a T.

It includes recipes and at home training, as well as a food bible and plenty of tips and advice on how to change your body.

My new download, The Fitness Fondue Food Philosophy, launches today at 12pm.

This download is a dietary guide that talks you through how to change your body with food. Whether your goals is muscle building, fat shedding or maintenance, all 3 goals are catered to in this download.

There are tons of intros, explanations, tips and advice, all leading into food bibles, calorie and macro calculations (simplified) and 30 recipes that are all categorised per goal.

I have been working on this download since September and I am extremely proud of each and ever word in its 58 pages!

I have kept the design as simple as possible so it doesn’t mess around with the flow of the advice, so it is extremely easy to implement.

I hope you guys give it a read and find it helpful when it comes to changing your diet in the ways you personally need it to.

Personal Update

Hello my Fondues!

It’s been a while since I last posted because I’ve been working on something new for you guys…

I’ve spent the last few weeks writing a new dietary download for this site, but what started as a sort of recipe stopgap until my book comes out ended up becoming a full blown diet guide, complete with new calorie and macro equations for every aesthetic goal, a new food bible, and 30 new recipes for every aesthetic goal from muscle building to fat loss to maintenance.

I am super proud of it, and it’s currently with my tech man Mitch getting spruced up and ready to download for next weekend!

Unlike my book it does not include a training plan of any kind, however in terms of how to change your diet in order to achieve your goal, it is VERY comprehensive, and I am extremely excited about it.

It will work, no question.

In the meantime, I now have some free time to continue posting, so here is my current aesthetic update…

I am currently 9 weeks into shedding my holiday fluff and I have gone from 134lbs to 130lbs.

Normally, after 9 weeks of a prep, I am miles ahead of my current physique. However, those of you who follow me on social media will know that I have done things very differently this time, and taken it nice and slow.


Because in June, I had been in a cutting phase for months, and I had become extremely lean.

This meant that, inevitably, my metabolism had slowed right down. This is 100% normal when coming to the end of a fat loss plan – your body doesn’t want to lose anymore, so it simple makes it harder to. It’s the way our bodies are built – reserve, survive.

This is why when you come to the end of a fat loss plan, slow and methodical reverse dieting and training is essential to ensure you don’t gain a ton of weight / fat.

This means slowly adding in calories and macros while slowly cutting back on cardio, week on week, until you are at your TDEE calories, eating a balanced diet of protein, carbs and fats, and doing only a handful of cardio sessions a week.

If you don’t do a slow and methodical reverse diet, you can bet that with your new snail like metabolism, coming off your diet is going to result in serious weight and fat gain, which is exactly what happened to me.

I knew it was going to happen, months of fat loss followed by weeks of holiday, daily drinking and desserts? I’m not an idiot, weight gain was a sacrifice I chose to make, and I don’t regret a thing.

However, when I got back on plan, I knew I was going to have to go slow if I wanted to get results and repair my metabolic rate.

Week 1, I started with:

  • 30 mins MISS (moderate intensity steady state cardio) every AM
  • Weight lifting every PM followed by 20mins HIIT
  • A 3 day low, 1 day high carb cycle at my TDEE calories (1800calories)

And I stayed there until 6 weeks in, when I dropped down to 1700calories.

And now, at 9 weeks in, I have come down to 1600calories.

In 9 weeks, I have kept my training the same and come down from 1800 TDEE calories, to 1600 deficit calories, and this has given my body a chance to come back to homeostasis, and slowly slowly back down into a very minor deficit.

I still have weeks to go, and I endeavour to stay diligent with my diet and training and taking this slow.

Be good to your body. Feed it. Train it. Rest it. Recover it.

And if you choose to neglect any of the above, expect it to neglect your wishes in return.

Day 14, 133-135lbs

Start weight – 134lbs

Current weight – 133-135lbs

Aesthetic progress – Visible

A lot of you will have read my social media post this morning, but for those of you who haven’t…

This is the perfect week for me to talk about the scales, what can affect them and why you should never take them too seriously.

Here’s the list of things I ask / tell my clients when their weigh in is a bit loco:

  1. The first and most obvious question, have you stuck to your diet 100% this week? Small cheat, medium cheat or BIG cheat, have you put anything in your pie hole that isn’t on your plan and / or that you knew / questioned at the time might not be ideal for guaranteed results?
  2. Training. Have you done all your cardio / weight training this week?
  3. Water. Have you hit all your water goals each and every day this week? A drop or increase can lead to a mental scale number.
  4. Sodium. Have you eaten anything with crazy amounts of salt / sugar / sweetener / flavourings in the last few days? That can make you retain muchos agua amigo.
  5. Fibre. How’s your veg / fruit / fibre intake been in the last few days? An increase or drop can blow you up.
  6. Cycle. I don’t need to elaborate but if your body needs excess water for certain reasons, I wouldn’t even bother weighing in that week.
  7. Sleep / stress. You ok babe? If you’re going mental and or your body is getting 0 chill, your body ain’t losing shit.
  8. Did you already have a big loss recently? If so, chill. Remember getting in shape is NOT A LINEAR PROCESS! You will have up days and down days, bloat days and ab days. Progress days and plateau days. GET OVER IT NOW OR SUFFER AND GIVE UP SOON.

So why did this happen to me this week? Because of reasons 1, 4, 5, and 7.

Why don’t I care?

Because not only am I trying to do this very slowly (I’m prepping until December), I can see progress.

You do not HAVE to weigh in if you struggle with the scales.

  1. Take body fat measurements (NOT on a machine, get a PT to do it with calipers or pay for a dexa scan).
  2. Take measurements.
  3. Take progress pics.
  4. Go on clothes fitting you differently or the same.

I am sticking to the same cardio, weights, calories and macros that I began with on day 1. 

As the weeks roll on, I will plateau aesthetically (this usually happens after a few weeks in a deficit), and at that point, I will look at my cardio and / or calories.

Until then, here’s to week 3!